Gear: Car Inspiration: Volvo 544

Car Inspiration: Volvo 544

By Petrolicious Productions
September 23, 2013

During the beginning of World War II, Volvo conceptualized a new, smaller car with good fuel economy to try to ensure the company’s survival during war time. In 1944 the Volvo 444, the first of the Volvo PV series, was introduced to the public. It was instantly adored by Swedish natives, even though its design was quickly outdated.

In 1958 Volvo began production on the PV544, which had some differences and improvements from the 444. Exactly 440,001 models of both PV models were built from 1944 until 1966. Owners had grown to love their cars so much that Volvo ran humorous ads in the mid ’60s pleading PV444 and 544 owners to not be upset with them for halting production.

Below is a mood board with items inspired by the color and style of the 544 model.

Fabriano Boutique Key Ring: Two-tone leather with satin-finish and steel fastener

Brionvega Radio Cubo: Designed by Italian architect and designer Marco Zanuso and German designer Richard Sapper, this radio is an icon of ’60s design. In 1959, Zanuso and Sapper were hired as consultants to Brionvega, an Italian company trying to produce stylish electronics. They designed a series of radios and televisions that became enduring icons of an aesthetic known as “techno-functionalism”. Many of their works are currently on display in modern art museums around the world. Additionally, in 1948 Pirelli opened a new division called Arflex, which designed seating with foam rubber upholstery. They commissioned Zanuso to produce their first models, “Antropus” and “Lady”, which won first prize at the 1951 Milan Triennale.

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Ray Houghton
Ray Houghton
10 years ago

After I was born i was driven home from the hospital in on of these. My first years were spent riding around in one. I love these cars. It seems all my childhood memories revolve around cars.