Journal: Coffee Pot Trucks Raised a Buzz for Consumers in 1950s Europe

Coffee Pot Trucks Raised a Buzz for Consumers in 1950s Europe

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
July 3, 2013

The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile may take all the credit for novelty mobile advertising, but it’s a concept that’s existed nearly as long as the automobile itself. We’ve seen photos of motorized navel oranges, beer cans, refrigerators, bananas, even loaves of bread. Oddly enough the theme always seems to be food and drink, and while we’re not sure exactly what that implies about our values as a society, we can’t argue with the smile these rolling odes to nutrition bring to our faces.

This week we’re featuring Gevalia-liveried coffee-pot trucks, apparently taken in early 1950s-era Europe, perhaps the Berlin coffee pot mounted to the back of a truck in 1934 being the first. Probably the ultimate drive in one of these great cars would be heading out on a Saturday morning for some breakfast and parking the coffee-pot truck in front of a coffee-pot-shaped restaurant like The Java Jive in Tacoma, Washington, The Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania, Coffee Pot Restaurant in Bremen, Indiana, The Coffee Pot in Roanoke, Virginia, or Ben-Hur Coffee in Los Angeles, California.

Excuse us now, we’re off for an espresso or three.

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Must be a Swedish thing- I’ve never seen anything like that before.