Journal: Esso Posters Bring Back a Different Era

Esso Posters Bring Back a Different Era

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
April 25, 2013

More than just the love of cars, this hobby is about a deep admiration for all things automobile—the culture, the history, archaeological remnants of eras gone by. This week we present for your viewing pleasure vintage poster designs, advertisements, and photographs from one of the icons of this rose-tinted past, Esso. Derived from the phonetics of Standard Oil’s initials, this once-prevalent brand is largely defunct today, disappearing from most branded stations and products in 1972—perhaps that’s why it’s so deeply associated with a more golden age of motorsport and of the car in general.

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Well, Esso didn’t so much disappear and become defunct as it changed it’s name to Exxon and became the largest oil company in the world.


A great selection of posters from the US and Europe but it is a little inaccurate to claim that [i]”…this once-prevalent brand is largely defunct today…”[/i] I fill up at an Esso station every week – one of 957 in the UK:

[url=””]Esso Fuel Finder[/url]