News: Fisker To Introduce All-Electric SUV For Under $40K, And Is One Of Three Affordable EVs On The Way

Fisker To Introduce All-Electric SUV For Under $40K, And Is One Of Three Affordable EVs On The Way

By News Desk
March 18, 2019

SUVs have spread to practically every corner of the motor industry and judging from the announcements from a number of manufacturers, it seems as if the next big thing will be the all-electric SUV. Fisker Inc has just announced its intention to join this growing segment with its own entrant, an all-electric SUV that promises to come in at below $40,000 while still offering cutting-edge styling and a very competitive range. “Our team set out on a mission to create an affordable EV that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering. We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV,” says company chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker.

The Fisker SUV promises to offer some never seen before technologies, especially at this price-point. No specifics have been revealed just yet and we have but one rendering, but the release does refer to a large head-up display, vastly spacious interior and an extended open-air atmosphere that can be had at the touch of a button. Drivetrain-wise the Fisker SUV will come with two electric motors, one for each axle, and a range of approximately 300 miles thanks to an enhanced +80kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The previously unveiled Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan will remain as the company’s technological flagship and will debut upcoming tech like Fisker’s patented solid-state batteries. The Emotion will have to take backstage for now as it will only be introduced once this more affordable model is released.

Fisker Inc states that their electric SUV will be one of three affordable all-electric vehicles it plans to release. The SUV will arrive first with a planned launch date of late 2021 and will be offered with a nationwide concierge service to improve the user experience. A drivable prototype is scheduled for the end of 2019. With Tesla planning to start deliveries of the price-matching Model Y a year earlier and established manufacturers readying their own EV models, the Fisker SUV will have to be something rather special to succeed. With the design experience of Henrik Fisker and the company’s potentially game-changing solid-state batteries, they are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Images courtesy of Fisker Inc.

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