Florian Turned His Scale Model Into A Full-Size Ferrari 348 Challenge

When I write stories about cars, the format is more or less the same: we go for a short ride together, talking about the car in between a few stops along the way for photos. When the car in question only has one seat in it this option becomes a little less viable. Rather than struggle to keep up with each other between stoplights and traffic, Florian and I decided it would be best to pick just one or two places to shoot his Ferrari—thankfully we weren’t wanting when it came to locations to choose from.

We rendezvoused just after the sun had risen over the metal hangar roofs of an older airfield near Reims, with the silence of the chilled spring morning soon broken up by the first firings of prop engines and the other attendant noises of the morning’s flights.

The sound of the warming aircraft was cut by the sound of an Italian V8 on this particular day, and I hopped out of my warm car to say hello to my friend Florian and his wonderfully ‘90s Ferrari 348.