Partnered: GALLERY: Behind The Scenes On Our 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Film Shoot

GALLERY: Behind The Scenes On Our 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Film Shoot

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
May 29, 2018

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The Jaguar XJ series is one of the longest-running luxury lines in the UK or elsewhere, but the stately pillar-less coupes are much harder to come by compared to your standard sedans; produced for a handful of model years in the early 1970s, only a few thousand ever made it Stateside. Christopher Glancy recently purchased this pristine example of the inline-six-powered XJC (they were also available with V12s), and though it’s been under his care for just a couple of years so far, he intends to keep it for the long-haul.

Eventually the car will be passed down to his daughter, and the stewardship of this svelte feline will move to a new generation of the Glancy family, a family with strong ties to the brand that goes back decades to the time his grandparents parked an E-Type and a MkII in their Detroit garage. They weren’t against the American-made machines built in their city, but the allure of the graceful Jags took firm hold, and this affinity towards the English marque was passed down to Christopher’s dad, manifesting in an XJ6 sedan, and then of course to Christopher himself when he purchased this emerald beauty. An accessible classic, he has no airs about the the car rivaling the blue chip collectibles from Italian and German marques, but it offers so many of the same pleasures.

The last car produced under the directorship of Sir William Lyons, the XJC was a rather innovative product from a company that’s typically regarded for tradition and stye alone. That’s a silly thing to think though, for their racing history is rife with bleeding edge technology from the D-Type to the ground-effects machines of Group C. This car isn’t bred for competition of course, but it’s littered with amenities that were nearly impossible to find in a single package back in the nascent ‘70s. Power locks and windows, inline disc brakes, an automatic (gasp!) gearbox, air-conditioning—these comforts weren’t typically available among the car’s contemporaries, and when married with the silky six under the clamshell hood, the XJs more than lived up to the ethos of grace, space, and pace. It’s not the fastest car on the road today, nor was it back in its own era, but that wasn’t the point.

Christopher clearly understands the purpose of his XJC, and he often employs the big cat as a means of escaping the hectic connectedness of Los Angeles. Packed with picnic baskets and his family, they pick a destination and avoid the freeways on the way, for as we all know the journey is more important than its end. Indeed he drives if regularly, which might not be readily apparent given the condition of the paint and brightwork that sets it apart even in a crowd of million-dollar Italian aluminum. Adding to the elegance of the bodywork, the smooth belt line of the coupe was pin-striped and signed by a notable artist in the hand-striping scene.  Pampered with Turtle Wax Carnauba Wash & Wax, this XJ6C is taken care of the way it should be.

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Sports Car Classics

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