Journal: Going Skiing? Take A Classic Porsche 356

Going Skiing? Take A Classic Porsche 356

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
December 18, 2015

Last year, friends of Petrolicious Jeff Zwart and Will Roegge collaborated on a great short film called The Porsche from the Winter of ’53, which detailed how rewarding a Porsche 356 Pre A can be to drive in slippery conditions. And, of course, why the car is so well­suited to this particular task.

We’ve asked before if you like driving in the snow, and plenty of us do. But if you don’t, I figure seat time in an old 356 on a winding, snowy path with plenty of runoff would quickly convert you to being a winter driving enthusiast. These nimble machines were even used in the harrowing sport of “motor-skiing”, a 100­plus­ mph icy romp that Pathé News covered in 1955.

Perhaps one of the most iconic ways the 356 is linked with Alpine sports is the famous photo by Hans Truöl of Olympic medalist Egon Zimmermann soaring over a road—with a tiny, round, dark Porsche parked in the middle of it. The photo is appropriately titled, “When he takes the shortcut”.

Maybe it’s time you gave winter driving a shot from behind the wheel of an old Porsche. Which other classics are uniquely suited to these conditions?


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My car of choice would probaby be the classic Saab 96. With its great handling the 96 will climb any montain road with ease and finesse. And did I mention the impeccable heating? No need for a thick jacket while driving!

Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux

Trust me I would be on the road if it wasn’t all that salt that will completely destroy my car.

Until then its a 3/4 season car.

Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux

Just saw the question inside all those wonderful shot of 356.

My father told me he had a terrific time in the winter with both his Beetle and a Mini.