Has Eagle Become A Pioneer With The New Lightweight GT?

First launched almost 60 years ago, the Jaguar E-Type was twice as fast as most other cars on the road with looks that still turn heads across the world today.

The original E-Type was produced over a period of 14 years and just nine years after Jaguar ceased production in 1975, Eagle was born. The British marque has spent almost four decades refining and elevating the legendary roadster, delivering improvements to the reliability, longevity, safety and performance for today’s driver, more than twice the length of time Jaguar spent building the original.

But the Eagle Lightweight GT takes this a step further still, in that it is a thoroughly modern classic.

This car is an evolution of the lightweight concept: lighter and more powerful with an upgraded chassis. It stands apart from the Jaguar Heritage limited edition run of a few years ago – these were trying to be faithful copies of the original – and,