Is This The Ultimate Trip To Take In A Hot Rodded Porsche 911?

Photos by Maurice van den Tillaard

There are these things you’ve always wanted to do, and once you’ve done them, you want to do them over and over again. Driving a classic Porsche 911 through the French countryside is one of those memorable things, and I have to say, it can be a very, very addictive.

It was early June 2014, and I had some spare time left to make a trip to the south of France with my 1972 911. Since my better half had things to do in Italy concerning a cooking workshop—and told me to go and do something fun too—I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Last year I did our so-called Run to the Hills with my German buddy Daniel Schaefer from Heckmotorsportwagen. This year we had a hard time to plan things together because of our busy schedules, so I decided to do this tour as a lone wolf. Four days out of my busy agenda should be just enough to do this.