Gear: Jaguar Designer Cesar Pieri’s Incredible, Colorful Art

Jaguar Designer Cesar Pieri’s Incredible, Colorful Art

By Petrolicious Productions
May 19, 2015

You may know Cesar Pieri thanks to the limited-run Jaguar Concept 7, the beautiful blue F-Type that was given a haircut—including speedster windshield and single roll hoop bulge—to better connect it with historic Jaguar race cars.

While many can’t buy an actual Concept 7, you’ll be happy to know that Pieri, the man who sketched the car, also offers stunning artwork for sale, including a few non-Jaguar designs. His latest series, the Jaguar Bonnet Artwork Collection, is a number of actual Jaguar hoods (bonnets) that have been hand-painted with Pieri’s evocative depiction of the full car, and they’re pieces that are already mesmerizing in photos—we can’t imagine how great they’d look on a wall.

Like many modern artists, his other work is offered in canvas prints of multiple sizes—and with his large-format 27.5” x 13.7” (700mm x 350mm) starting at £79, hanging a few of these around the house won’t break the bank. Yes, you can get even larger pieces, too.

If you’re in the area, a free exhibition of his work at FarGo Village in Coventry, England from May 22 – June 8, we recommend taking a look at the bonnets in person—they’re the cat’s meow.

Otherwise, check out his website, store, and follow him on Twitter!

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9 years ago

Gorgeous work!

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