Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 288GTO is a Museum Quality Mechanical Marvel

Our friend Joe Sackey is what some might call a “fixer”. He’s the guy you call when there’s no one else to call to get you something that most people don’t even necessarily believe exists. Not in an arms dealer sort of way, but also not not in an arms dealer sort of way. He’s just recently helped to place Niki Lauda’s iconic 288 GTO, and it happened to be only a handful of miles away from our Culver City California HQ.

What follows is a brief chat we had with Joe, who is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable car people we’ve ever met.

Ted Gushue: How did you first come into contact with the car?

Joe Sackey: A client of mine wanted to put together a Ferrari supercar collection. We actually started with a group of cars that were available at the time. He bought a 288 GTO, which is a good car. It wasn’t a show car or anything,