Journal: Petrolicious Is Hiring: Full-Time Managing Editor

Petrolicious Is Hiring: Full-Time Managing Editor

By Petrolicious Productions
April 19, 2019

If you consider cars more than a hobby, are organized and have a keen eye for detail, and are a strong writer who wants to edit and create Petrolicious stories, we want to hear from you. Petrolicious is looking for a knowledgeable and well-organized car enthusiast to join our editorial team as a managing editor. There will be flexibility in how the position will play out based on who you are and what you’re looking for, but the core wants and needs on our end are laid out below, along with information on how to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Basics:

Job Type Full-time
Location Must be able to work out of our Los Angeles/Culver City headquarters.

The Responsibilities:

The Managing Editor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our editorial web and print content, including:

  • Managing assignments and deliverables of freelance photographers and writers.
  • Maintaining a flow of feature articles on the website by working with a group of international contributors.
  • Participating in editorial meetings.
  • Contributing your voice to our editorial expansion, both in terms of strategy and content creation
  • Writing stories each week in addition to editing and publishing stories from our contributors.

The Ideal Candidate Will Have:

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Plenty of self-motivation.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with a large pool of international contributors to create compelling classic car stories.
  • A broad knowledge base of vintage road and race cars, automotive history, etc., that you are keen to expand on through research and writing
  • Ideally, a passion for other areas that Petrolicious is interested in, such as design, architecture, travel, fashion, and photography.
  • The ability to edit a variety of automotive stories, and a desire to create his/her own.
  • Experience with digital automotive media industry, especially in regards to writing, editing, producing, and publishing.
  • A working knowledge of WordPress and Google suite tools.

How To Apply:

  • Interested candidates should attach in an email to with “Managing Editor Application” in the subject line.
  • Please include your résumé/CV and a portfolio of writing (preferably automotive) with at least two car-based articles that are each at least 500 words long. These samples do not have to have been published anywhere else previously—we’d like to see the work you’re truly proud of.


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