Journal: Petrolicious Readers Inspire Us To Take A Drive

Petrolicious Readers Inspire Us To Take A Drive

By Petrolicious
September 9, 2015

This week, we have a particular focus on cars out and about, with many of our selections captured near a road…somewhere. From the wilds of Europe to the grounds of Blenheim Palace for Salon Privé, these Petrolicious readers captured some beautiful moments over the last few weeks.

Here are some of our favourite Instagram photos tagged with #drivetastefully.

We begin with a beautiful and subtly modified Volkswagen Golf GTI, courtesy of @scottdosborne. Hashtag? #sundaydrive. Off the beaten path is where you see this W111 Mercedes-Benz, thanks to @tamm.pasin with the question, “What game shall we play today?” @retro_benz captures what makes these old Mercedes-Benz models attractive with a simple profile shot of a W114 Coupé.

We don’t normally feature muscle cars, but when they look as good as @iamdavidrutter’s photo of this Dodge Charger R/T, well, they’re in. @aaronwmckenzie, Petrolicious employee, got this Porsche 917 at Laguna Seca. Slammed beyond practical doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how good this black BMW 7 Series looks on gold mesh wheels. Nice shot, @vongerman_custompixel.

Rare sighting? Rare sighting. @ld.dfnr got a shot of a Lancia Stratos whizzing by. Doesn’t this Porsche 911 Carrera RS look absolutely perfect at Salon Privé? Photo by @motion_captured at Blenheim Place. Finally, @308gt4dino was out for a drive—the more we see this particular body style, the more we like it!

Have a photo of your car, event, drive, or journey to share with the Petrolicious community? Simply tag it with #drivetastefully on Instagram, and we may select it to feature in our weekly roundup! And if you haven’t yet, follow us!




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