Travel: Road Tripping with an Airstream Is the Best Way to Travel

Road Tripping with an Airstream Is the Best Way to Travel

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
April 2, 2014

While Airstream may have lots of competition in the travel trailer segment, it also stands alone. They’re the oldest RV manufacturer in the USA and are icons most famous for their aerodynamic aluminum bodies. These ads date from the 1960s and early 1970s and vary between the romance and discovery aspects of travel. Regardless, they all speak to bonds created while exploring new vistas.

Interestingly, the campaign is thoroughly modern; it doesn’t rely on hand-drawn art to evoke an earthy, traditional vibe as we’ve seen from Ford and VW. Additionally, the fully saturated backgrounds stand in striking contrast to the Airstreams’ gleaming blue-grey exteriors. Indeed, this campaign portrays families and couples enjoying a “better way to travel” that fits their modern lifestyle and fills it with personal experiences. To be honest though, Airstreams really are a better way to travel.

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Erik de Vries
Erik de Vries

These pictures are hilarious. Having tried on several occasions to pull a “loaded for the weekend” single axle trailer across a sandy beach, and gotten stuck once, I assume they had a tow truck on standby.


This. This is the reason I like Petrolicious. You guys just get that loving cars isn’t just about whether the new Camry has 13 more HP than the 2013 model.

Its àlso about what it meant, and what it still means to people.

Jeff Lannigan
Jeff Lannigan

Not an F350 dually to be seen. 😉 I really like the Lincoln parked in the stream bed!

Manuel Ferri
Manuel Ferri

Muy buenos recuerdos me trae esta bonito reportaje sobre las caravanas americanas. Recuerdo con cariño allá por los años 60, vinieron desde USA un gran número de caravanas con sus grandes coches, recorrieron varios países de Europa, entre ellos España y lo anunciaron en la prensa local, salimos todos los niños a la orilla de la carretera para saludarles a su paso. Saludos.