Spending A Weekend With Four Vintage Minis, A Few Flying Finns, And An Icy Lake In Sweden

When you get a midweek phone call from somebody asking if you’d like to take a spontaneous trip to Sweden to go ice driving with some classic rally-prepped Minis, a national rally champion, and some other friendly faces, you don’t turn it down.

Of course, spontaneous often leads to a few complications, but nothing more than a few more miles to drive and a few extra hours at yet another airport… the downsides don’t really add up to much in this case though, given the destination.

The rough plan: head to Stockholm from the airport with a bunch of Mini fans, get behind the  wheel of two new Mini Cooper Ses, and drive the roughly 5-6 hours to Torsby. Upon arrival, we’d have some dinner and an early night in the woodsy cabins before our early start on Saturday morning. Four vintage Minis, one rally champion, a big frozen lake, plenty of nature encasing us, and a whole day to spend in this wonderful scenario. Better yet,