Tackling The Arctic Circle In The BMW M Coupe Is A Great Idea

Photos by Ryan Argue

A little background on my car: it’s a 2001 BMW M Coupe that I bought in February of 2013, off of the original owner in San Jose. I’d been looking for one for years, and finally decided to sell my Yamaha R6 and BMW 330 and grab this one. Mechanically, it was perfect, so it was a no brainer to me. Flights were booked, my friend Greg was recruited for the drive back, and off we went! Upon arrival in San Francisco, the owner picked us up and drove us right to his place. Roughly 1,500 miles and twenty-six hours later, we were home in Edmonton, Canada.

The idea for this trip up north was born the next summer, but was pushed back a year by my dad’s desire to drive to California instead of the Yukon.  My friend Mark and I decided to tackle the Dempster the next summer.  I’d read when Car and Driver took a Corvette up the Dempster Highway,