Featured: The Audi Sport Quattro Visualized

The Audi Sport Quattro Visualized

By Petrolicious Productions
December 16, 2014

In conjunction with yesterday’s Audi Sport Quattro feature, we wanted to share more information about these wonderful rally monsters. So we’ve created a Petrolicious infographic that is chock full of interesting tidbits about the iconic car. For instance, did you know that only 224 short-wheelbase homologation specials were ever built? Still want more? Check out this long-wheelbase Ur-Quattro.

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Edward Levin
Edward Levin(@edl)
7 years ago

If we’re going to get anal about capitalization, per the Audi AG history site (http://www.audi.com/corporate/en/company/history/models/audi-sport-quattro-1984-02.html),
it’s “Audi sport quattro”, with neither “sport” nor “quattro” capitalized.

Earlier FIA homologation rules required 1000 production examples for Group 3 and 500 examples for Group 4, but when Group B was created only 200 examples were required. Presumably Audi produced a total of 224 of the sport quattro counting later evolution cars beyond the initial 200.

Martin Pajak
Martin Pajak(@ralleyquattro)
7 years ago

Nicely done, few misses though.. Quattro was featured in “Ashes to Ashes” not “Life on Mars”. The quattro was never fully galvanized because they were hand built on a separate production line. Approx half of the ’83 Urquattros sold in USA were 1982 production year (C vs. D) even though they were lumped into 1983 model designation. And only 664 were sold in US, 99 in Canada. If you ever need any info in the future I have most of the factory documentation, workshop manuals and brochures etc. etc. You can find Maintenance and Preliminary repair documents on my site, http://www.quattro.ca

Dennis Drenthe
Dennis Drenthe(@denniscavallino)
7 years ago

Petrolicious please, get a chief editor who really knows his stuff. Audi always writes [u]quattro[/u] without a capital Q. These kind of details a car nut should know, and I believe all the car nuts reading Petrolicious do know, or have to be taught by an outstanding website like this. Every Audi quattro item, this infographic in particular, seems to be written by someone who doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. And that’s not true, I know for sure. I was very pleased and surprised someone showed me a couple of years ago I used to write Quattro all the time, so I hope you’ll see this comment as feedback, not as something I blame you for.

For example: It’s [b]A[/b]udi [b]q[/b]uattro. And [b]A[/b]udi [b]S[/b]port [b]q[/b]uattro. In this article you write it both ways, but almost every time with a capital. http://petrolicious.com/rm-auctions-s-audi-sport-quattro-may-be-most-original-extant

Stephen DeOreo
Stephen DeOreo(@deoreo)
7 years ago

Nice- Cool information, and graphic!