Journal: The Mustang Shooting Brake That Never Was

The Mustang Shooting Brake That Never Was

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
June 27, 2014

The Ford Mustang was an overwhelming, unqualified success, selling over a million units in eighteen months! It was so successful in fact that Ford examined the production of a Shooting Brake option going as far as building two full-size styling bucks. And while it probably wouldn’t have been called a ‘Shooting Brake’, the underpinnings were certainly there as the Mustang was based on Ford’s “small” Falcon sedan. Additionally, two door wagons were not uncommon (consider Chevy’s Nomad and Volvo’s smaller P1800ES).

The idea seemed so self-evident that the Torinese company Intermeccanica actually built an unsolicited prototype for Ford’s consideration. The prototype was styled in part by designer Mr. Robert Cumberford, who said that Mr. Eugene Bordinat, Ford’s head of Design, “was incensed over the idea of an outside proposal, and Ford ultimately rejected all three designs, putting the lid on the Mustang wagon.”

For more information and photos check out the following links, here and here.

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Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke

Arn’t these two different cars , one a hard top the other a removable top? and didn’t Intermeccanica built the hard version?

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa

Well, I think it could still be a success, 4 doors with a coupe style (see Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake. But not with the Mustang name… It would probably loose some of it’s sport/style charm… Maybe a Taurus based brake or even a classic… the Escort

Sebastian Motsch

It’s a shame they never built this! I love shooting brakes (or shooting breaks, as we call them in Europe).

Actually, I photoshopped a Mustang accordingly a couple of years ago:

There are more photoshop chops to be discovered there!


Dennis Cavallino
Dennis Cavallino

I love Shooting Brakes, Mustangs and Intermeccanica, but there’s something about this car I just don’t like. Perhaps it’s the hard top (which some of those Miata ‘coupes’ also have) . Is there any pic where you can see the ‘trunk’ when the roof is off? I guess it will look like a pick-up truck.

Intermeccanica has an interesting history, so it’s good to see something here on Petrolicious. I wrote an article about them after I went to Vancouver, where the company still exists today.

TJ Martin
TJ Martin

Awwwww man ! This one hurts . I love genuine ‘ Shooting Brakes ‘ and would of and still would love to see a factory Mustang ‘ Shooting Brake ‘ . The Mustang for those of us needing a bit more storage yet not wanting s 2nd car . Alas twas not [ and probably never will ] to be . Whine . Sniff

Dennis Cavallino
Dennis Cavallino

Intermeccia -> Intermeccanica