Journal: The Petrolicious Team Member Instagram Accounts To Follow For Behind The Scenes Action

The Petrolicious Team Member Instagram Accounts To Follow For Behind The Scenes Action

By Petrolicious Productions
May 4, 2016

We usually feature other Instagram accounts in our weekly roundups, but this time, we decided to shine the spotlight on ourselves. If you’re a keen reader of Petrolicious, there are likely cues to future films, stories, and photo shoots in our Instagram feeds.

So whether it’s Ted out testing a vintage Jaguar or Shayan visiting a local L.A. car event, we hope you’ll enjoy following us on Instagram!

Here’s our official account, but you knew that already…

When Shayan isn’t busy coming up with awesome product ideas, he’s—what do you expect?—just as hopelessly addicted to cars as the rest of us.

We feature Jeremy a lot, for good reason—he’s in L.A., we’re in L.A., and we’ve done lots of awesome work together.

Ted heads up editorial at Petrolicious, and that means he’s essentially living at the tip of the spear when it comes to “car stuff”—his Instagram is proof of this.

When a story goes online, Chris builds the layout. The Shop? That’s him. When you order a shirt, Chris does the packing and mailing, too, and has been known to shoot photos as well…

When he’s not planning, organizing, and helping to shoot those Petrolicious films you know and love, Aaron is also a dedicated gearhead and commutes in a pristine Toyota MR2.

Nadia edits our films, and she’s incredible at it—and when she’s not in a dark room with headphones on, she’s out eating pasta!

Michael, our editorial manager is way up in Canada. The cold weather means he’s taken more photos lately of cars inside video games than outside in the real world, but he assures us this will change soon…

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Thomas maine
Thomas maine
8 years ago

Petrolicious is my favorite automotive web site. Great stories, awesome photos and really skill- and beautiful made video clips. Can’t thank you enough for many pleasant hours spent in front of my computer watching and reading your excellent work.

Thanks so much to everybody involved.


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