Travel: The Ramshorn Porsche Rally Is Where You’ll Want To Be This May

The Ramshorn Porsche Rally Is Where You’ll Want To Be This May

By Michael Banovsky
January 22, 2016

We’ve covered the Get To The Sun Rally in the past, and this year, the same bright minds behind that successful and long-running event are hosting a Porsche-only rally in May. It’s called the Ramshorn Rally, and will be a five-day drive—or an “air-cooled adventure” as the organizers say.

According to Will Brewster, the first Ramshorn Rally will start and end in Whitefish, Montana. He describes one of the first roads as, “…a gas…It is like a paved logging road, with lots of tight corners that between pine needles and cow shit—breaking free the tires and sliding the corners is the ultimate”.

The little we know so far sounds great: it’s an event for drivers, there will be high-mileage days, and a number of “motley” stops along the way, including a place called the “Dirty Shame Bar”. Judging by the roads found for the more laid-back Get To The Sun Rally, it’s probably a good idea to block off May 23–27 in your calendar and start to practice your slides…

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Hmmm …. Montana in May … in the mountains … hmmmmnn … best be setting up your Porsche with some at the very least All Season tires not to mention multiple layers of outerwear plus Gortex for yourself cause ….. ahhh …. it might be as gorgeous as the photos are showing but then again a late spring snow is just as likely [ if not more] and with this years weather patterns that could easily ramp up into one of those full blown late Spring blizzards MT CO UT WY mountains are so well known for … which are the worst [ heavy wet snow and lots of ice ] … and at the very least [ in MT ] you can bet it’ll rain Cats & Dogs in the coldest way imaginable

Hmm … seems to me the planning committee might want to consider a later date .. like mid June at the earliest … cause May’s as unpredictable a month weather wise as it gets thru out the region .

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