Journal: The Speed and Motion of the Classic Motorcycle

The Speed and Motion of the Classic Motorcycle

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
October 10, 2014

Motorcycles have been around longer than cars, the first steam-powered examples popped up in the late 1860s (although many traditionalists do not recognize these as motorcycles due to their powerplants). Interestingly however, the first series-produced cycles didn’t emerge until 1894 (built by Hildebrand & Wolfmüller in Germany, who were also the first to use the term motorrad: motorcycle), after people began series production of cars.

Regardless, as with their four-wheeled cousins, motorcycle use exploded in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Spurring it on were talented designers and illustrators such as Messrs. Georges Hamel, Roger Pérot, and Max Ponty who worked for advertising firms. Almost invariably, their art captured the excitement of rushing through the wind with the rest of the world whizzing by at a standstill. Whether advertising a track or velodrome, a manufacturer’s offerings, or equipment these posters make us want to ride.

Got two wheels in your weekend plans? Share what you’re riding and where you’re headed in the comments below. And if you haven’t made up your mind, blame it on the posters and hit the road!

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James Molinaro
James Molinaro

Here is my girl from yesterday morning. Loving this Atlanta weather 😀

Jeff Lannigan
Jeff Lannigan

Nothing? Everyone must be too busy riding to post a photo. I didn’t make it out this weekend (at least not on a bike), but this was earlier this year:

Evan Bedford

I was too busy tinkering with mine in the garage. But I love those posters…and the two TT ones are now in amongst my screensavers.

Evan Bedford

Looks like an old Honda SL (I know because I grew up lusting after my friend’s slightly newer XL).