There’s A BMW E30 Hiding Underneath This Volvo Amazon Hot Rod

Back in 2012 Adam Nonis and his then-four-year-old son were making their way back home to Washington after a short road trip down to Oregon to pick up a Volvo 122 Amazon shell. He was having trouble deciding on a name for the new car so he asked his son for help, to which he offered, “Headquarters.” After being told that’s not a name you give a car, typically, his son presented a toy from a recent Happy Meal and said, “His name is Headquarters, so it’s a good one for the car too.” (Mind you, the toy was not called Headquarters by anybody else.) As a tribute, Adam has kept the toy in the car ever since.

If it looks a little bit like a Transformer, it fits the theme of a car with some secrets under its skin. It looks like a 1966 Volvo 122 Wagon with some big wheels and lowered suspension, but seeing as he didn’t start with a full car, Adam wasn’t limited to silly things like matching chassis numbers,