There’s Never A Bad Season For A Swiss Road Trip In A Porsche 912

At 1,800 meters above sea level, the Engadine Valley in southeastern Switzerland is a place where winter really shows its snowy muscles. Between November and April, the frigidly cold temperatures have a big impact on the landscape, freezing lakes and covering mountains and villages under a blanket of snow. Everything becomes very Alpine indeed.

With ice and slush mixed with the corrosive salt meant to combat it, plus the risk of inexperienced drivers on the roads, this is not many’s idea of the best time for a leisurely drive in a collectable classic car. It’s perfectly understandable that many owners decide to enjoy their vehicles exclusively during the warm summer months wherever they are in the world, while leaving them protected in a garage during the rest of the year.

Obviously, this is a sensible choice and very logical, and for some very valuable and rare models, proper care like this is a must. But if it’s true that owning a vintage sports car is a matter chiefly concerned with passion,