Journal: These 5 Instagrammers Are The Publications We Love To Read

These 5 Instagrammers Are The Publications We Love To Read

By Michael Banovsky
December 18, 2015

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of this industry is that there are many publications in it—and quite a few are difficult to top. But that drives some healthy competition, right? As an editor, there’s no feeling quite like seeing a fantastic thing—article, photo shoot, film, etc.—executed brilliantly by a rival. “Wow, this is really great…” is how our office chats often start. So who do we follow? These are some of the Instagram accounts that often stop us in our tracks and make us say, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Classic Driver does cars, watches, travel, concours, galleries, historical profiles…sound familiar to any other website you know of? If you don’t yet follow them, we heartily recommend you do.

Blackbird is a bit different from most automotive­ish publications, as it celebrates both the past and future of the automobile. With stunning photography to back it all up, Ferrari fans especially will enjoy one of their most recent shoots…

Based in France, Intersection is all about motoring culture. I pick up an issue whenever I see one, enjoying their original photo spreads featuring iconic people, places, and machines.

Do you like motorcycles? Follow Bike EXIF. Do you hate motorcycles? Follow Bike EXIF. Why? Their photography is so good you’d be missing out if you weren’t on top of the latest from this publication.

Perhaps it may seem like braggadocio when you notice that Motorhead’s tagline is, “The World’s Greatest Motor Culture Magazine”. But a glance at their Instagram or YouTube will quickly change your tune: they do some cool stuff. “Cool stuff” includes driving a Jaguar XJ220LM, Porsche 962C, and Mazda 767B on the street in Japan, by the way.

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Jonas Gilles
Jonas Gilles
8 years ago

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Belgian culture of cars.

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