Journal: These 5 Instagrammers Will Take You To The Heart Of The Action

These 5 Instagrammers Will Take You To The Heart Of The Action

By Michael Banovsky
December 9, 2015

Cars move, it’s what they do. Sadly, marketers have convinced a great many that tweets and texts and all those “connected” distractions are somehow more important than moving. Bull. 

Cars move, it’s what they do—if you’ve forgotten that fact, these talented photographers will remind you. 

La Dolce Vita can be different things to different people, but for us, Italian roads, classic sports cars, and stunning scenery is hard to top. @car_shooters’ mix of old and new is well-done, with just the right amount of brand-new vehicles mixing with their period counterparts. 

This account is a curated selection of classic racing photos from other photographers, resurfaced all the time. Pretty great, right?

With a number of auction cars under his belt, @robinadamsphoto is a great person to follow if you’ve always wondered what rare and often priceless cars look like while on the move. 

@tobephoto figured out that since Instagram arranges photos in rows of three, it would look neat if single cars were posted as three separate pictures. Check it out, it’s a fun feed to scroll through. 

Subtle, realistic, clean. That’s how @romanraetzke shoots cars, and that’s why you’ll spend the next 20 minutes scrolling through his feed. 

Have you been through our feed in a while? Here are some of our recently-posted favourites.


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Shawn Bokaie
Shawn Bokaie


Isaac DC
Isaac DC

Nice selection, 5D89 and smhft are worth checking out too!

Isaac DC
Isaac DC

Btw, I think the link to your IG account on “follow us on:” doesn’t seem to be the correct one. (Petroliciousco in stead of petrolicious)


Excellent curation as always!