Journal: These Are The Trophies Your Heroes Were Given For Winning

These Are The Trophies Your Heroes Were Given For Winning

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
April 11, 2016

In the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, the cars take centre stage. But the validation for these cars being the race-winning, world-beating machines is a hefty display of trophies that the automaker put together. Not only are there dozens (and surely hundreds more not on display), these classic cups are often more impressively ornate and “valuable-looking” than what drivers are awarded with these days.

You can buy old trophies without too much searching on the internet, or (recommended) win some for yourself in vintage racing, but, say, a few winner’s trophies for the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans were already given out to Jochen Rindt and Masten Gregory, and they’ve got to be on someone’s shelf, somewhere, right? Collectors the world over have many of these treasures tucked away, all with a triumphant story to tell and each with a uniquely gilded beauty to appreciate.

What’s the most beautiful trophy ever awarded in motorsport?

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I prefer the medal awarded to Duesenberg when they finished first at the 1921 French Grand Prix. The driver and chassis builder both received “gold” medals made of steel. When the winning driver, Jimmy Murphy, won the 1922 Indianapolis 500, he was awarded a floor lamp. That was way before the Borg Warner.

gustavo reis
gustavo reis

the original british gp trophy (and that one from sega)


Im going with Borg Warner. With each winner becoming a part of the trophy it adds personality beyond being just a piece of metal or glass.