Journal: These Classic Street Scenes Are Worthy Of Your Daydreams

These Classic Street Scenes Are Worthy Of Your Daydreams

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
August 4, 2016

I’ve been carspotting since forever. I’m sure you have, too—there’s something so thrilling about spotting an interesting machine in an unexpected place. Sadly, my reference points are from the mid-’80s on, however, so I never got to car spot back in the ’60s. Thankfully, these classic street scene photos are a good stand-in for time travel.

From traffic jams, to parked cars, and people walking in Paris, there’s plenty to see: futuristic Studebakers, early economy cars, and Citroëns as curvaceous as the populace. I especially enjoy old photos from different countries—carspotting is something you can do with pretty much any photo that features a street and a few cars.

Do you enjoy carspotting in vintage photographs?

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Renault Dauphine, Citroen DS, et les femmes…les femmes!