This Group 4-Spec Ferrari 308 GTB Isn’t Afraid To Play In The Mud

Prancing horses have taken wins on pretty much every race track in the world for generations, but while dozens of circuit racing championship trophies have been racked up in the cases at Maranello, seeing a Ferrari on a rally stage has always been an extremely rare occurrence. Although the Lancia Stratos was a famously Ferrari-engined beast, Corsica 1982 became the one and only WRC event to have a full-fledged Ferrari grace its podium when Frenchman Jean-Claude Andruet finished as the runner-up in his Pioneer-liveried 308. The chances of a Ferrari challenging VW, Citroën, or Hyundai in the modern day rally championships are of course non-existent, but thanks to an amazing classic rally car club in Germany there is a place you can see a 308 GTB driven in anger and off the tarmac.

You may have recently read about Max Schneider’s Ford Escort on the site, but to sum it up, the man has been rallying for nearly forty years with some pretty nice machinery that includes a road-going Stratos along with the Escort.