Gear: This Is The First Book Of 2016 We Can’t Put Down

This Is The First Book Of 2016 We Can’t Put Down

By Petrolicious Productions
January 20, 2016

Want to read something new? WAFT 3 is the first car book of 2016 that we can’t put down.

We’re proud to work with Lies and Bart from WAFT, a Belgian publisher, book store, and creative operation all in one—and are exited to offer their latest full-length publication, WAFT 3, for sale in the Petrolicious store. With an awesome selection of stories that range from the bespoke McLaren X1 and its own “Festival of Speed”, to the new Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, photographed in Milan, you’ll be staring at the pages for hours.

Other features focus on Italian car designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, the cult French classic film Un Homme et une Femme and its ’66 Ford Mustang, and Maria Teresa de Filippis—the first woman in Formula 1. In short, WAFT 2 is a look at automotive culture that—trust us—you won’t get from the car magazines at your local convenience store.

…and you can order a copy for yourself. Until this limited-run book sells out, that is.


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