Travel: This Volkswagen Bus Road Trip Was Shot Entirely Using Mobile Phones

This Volkswagen Bus Road Trip Was Shot Entirely Using Mobile Phones

By Michael Banovsky
November 24, 2015

Isn’t technology incredible?

Sure, this is a road trip undertaken recently by two very talented photographers across Switzerland in a Volkswagen Bus, a vehicle that’ll make any scene look classic, but it was documented using humble mobile phones and Instagram. 

I follow Moment lenses, having bought one for personal use earlier this year, and I’m always on the lookout for examples of great cell phone photography, and this short story is no exception. South African photographer Gareth Pon traveled to Switzerland, and along with Martina Bisaz set off in her recently-purchased 1977 Bus in search of adventure. 

Of course, I don’t want to spoil the story, so head over to Moment’s blog and check it out.

H/T to Moment 


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2 years ago

No other trip is as fun as a bus road trip. And if the bus road trip is with friends, then the fun increases several times. We made a decision with a few friends that we would go on a bus road trip and video record our entire trip. We rent a party bus from this company to go on a bus road trip with 25 friends. They provide very good service and are friendly with their customer. So, I strongly recommend their service!

Djordje Sugaris
Djordje Sugaris
7 years ago

Wow, the Alps, the Bus… Just fantastic and dreamlike!

Adam Mays
Adam Mays
8 years ago

Gareth is actually South African. Beautiful roadtrip!

Francois Bozonnet
Francois Bozonnet
8 years ago

nice short movie. a cool road trip with a small budget. i hope to do the same with my 69 bus…