Journal: This XK120 Is Tailor-Made For Male Model And Life-Long Jaguar Enthusiast David Gandy

This XK120 Is Tailor-Made For Male Model And Life-Long Jaguar Enthusiast David Gandy

By News Desk
May 13, 2019

Jaguar Classic is dedicated to preserving the company’s motoring heritage for future generations to enjoy, and this bespoke 1954 XK120 recently restored for British model David Gandy is a fine example of their work. The project took 11 months to complete and the brief was for a car which could compete in classic events. As such the vehicle’s specifications took inspiration from the original XK120 lightweight.

Jaguar Classic’s experts sourced a suitable 1954 model in California and spent 2700 hours to get this restoration just right. The end result is a beautifully finished example of this classic sports car that is not only ready to race but has a number of unique touches designed to make it a perfect fit for its owner, David Gandy. He commented, “Having driven a Jaguar XK120 at the Mille Miglia in 2013 and 2014, I knew that I wanted to own one of these incredibly special cars. The team at Jaguar Classic have done such a remarkable job engineering this car and executing everything that I asked for and it was amazing to have such an in-depth involvement in its creation.” Notable mechanical changes and upgrades over the standard car include a completely rebuilt 3.4-liter inline-six which now produces 228hp, up from the 182hp it made when new. A fast-shifting four-speed gearbox, upgraded exhaust system, fully adjustable dampers and refurbished drum brakes should all help this XK120 perform admirably on classic events.

Calum McKechnie, head of Jaguar Classic, said, “This unique XK120 showcases the expertise, skill and craftsmanship that Jaguar Classic makes available for all of its customers. Not only were we able to bring this iconic sports car back to life mechanically, but the attention to detail and the bespoke design of the interior sets David’s car apart.”

Gandy played a big role in the design and finishing touches of the XK120 and the combination of aged saddle tan leather interior, aluminum trim and solid black exterior paint make this XK120 a real show-stopper. Subtle changes have included removing the battery behind the driver’s seat to allow more leg room, and installing a smaller diameter steering-wheel to further allow David’s 6ft 2inch frame to sit comfortably in XK. With the finished car now handed over to its excited owner, we can expect to see it setting the pace and turning heads at future classic events.

Images courtesy of Jaguar Classic

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Dennis White
Dennis White
5 years ago

Gorgeous and I’m jealous, but even with the mods, at 6’2″ I’m amazed.

Matthew Lange
5 years ago
Reply to  Dennis White

Friend of mine has a lovely heavily patina XK120 OTS like this and is 6ft 2″ as well. He had some mods to push the seat further back and sits quite comfortably in the car for very long distances. He does say he cannot get comfortably in an XK120 FHC though.

Paul Bilek
Paul Bilek
5 years ago


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