Journal: Unexpected Classic Car Gems From Around The World

Unexpected Classic Car Gems From Around The World

By Petrolicious Productions
July 15, 2015

Over the last week, we’ve been digging through a number of exciting photos tagged with #drivetastefully on Instagram, and have found a number of surprising vehicles. From a first-generation Toyota Celica race car and pristine Honda NSX at speed to a very rare Maserati A6GCS, well, it’s clear Petrolisti have very diverse tastes.

A first-generation Toyota Celica in Manila? OK, we can definitely get behind it! Great photo by @jennavgenio. Contrast that with this gorgeous Jaguar XK, shot by @sambradshaw94…chalk and cheese? Hey, @velocealfa, one of those things is not like the others… 

In black and white, all we see on this Mini by @grzyp353 are the shapes and reflections…neat. Honda NSX? Yes, please. Incredible shot by @wilhelml_carmag. Maserati A6GCS, and Petrolicious’ own @jacopo_petrolhead got to drive? Look for the story soon… 

@minimate71 says, “Always loved this photo of Gladys”. We do now, too. @samupaim was able to capture a great shot that you is quite difficult to do at the side of the road. A church in the background, too? @powe_garage used the hashtag #getoutanddrive with these two Porsches, and we agree: get out and drive!

’Til next time, tag your photos with #drivetastefully… 

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