Journal: Vintage Friday

Vintage Friday

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
October 30, 2012

These illuminated tires were developed by The Goodyear Tire Company in 1961. The tires were made from a single piece of synthetic rubber and were lit by bulbs, which had been mounted inside the wheel rim. The tires were intended to be produced in a variety of colors.

(Goodyear Illuminated Tires; 1961)

Can you imagine the effects we’d have in time-lapse photography if these were around today? Someone needs to make this product happen. Nevermind that these tires made it onto LIFE’s list of 30 dumb inventions (along with Yodel Meter, which measures the pitch of a person’s yodel, and Mechanical Cat, which meowed ten times a minute to scare off rats and mice).

(Above photos: LIFE Archive by Douglas Miller; Bottom photo: via Retronaut)

As always, we came across some cool automotive-related stuff this week that we want to share with you. There’s a bunch of fantastic automotive photography out there right now. One of our favorite projects is the Oldtimer Calendar photography project by Mirko Frank showcasing cars and their owners. The use of light and shadow creates an amazing tone for the photos below.

We came across photos of the retro project car P/904 Carrera by Gullwing-America, which is a throwback to the Porsche Carrera 904 GTS from the 1960s. What a gorgeous, gorgeous car.

Click here to get a few more specs on Carrera.

The VW WIRE project is a mix of automotive design, industrial design, and installation art. It was created by Juan Pablo R. Valadez and Karen Oetling and meant to have a strong shape, be nostalgic, and have an openness to fit organically into its surroundings. We wouldn’t mind having one of these in our office!

Click here to see more photos and read about how Juan Pablo R. Valadez and Karen Oetling built this piece. (Photography by Karen Oetling.)

We got back late last night from a film shoot in Palm Springs. We’ve got some great things coming your way, so stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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