Films: Watch The Peking to Paris Season 1 Trailer

Watch The Peking to Paris Season 1 Trailer

By Petrolicious Productions
November 21, 2019

There has never been a better time to be a Petrolicious Member, series 1 of the Peking to Paris adventure is now here! To give you an idea of what is ahead for season 1 we’ve created a short trailer. If you haven’t joined as a Petrolicious Member, now is your chance – it also makes a great gift. All episodes drop this November, so make sure you join right away. The adventure awaits and you won’t want to miss any of this! Learn all about how to join here

Prepping for the rally is an adventure in itself as you will see. First, you’ll meet two of our main characters, Kuhrt Gerhardt and Derek Boycks, plus the real hero: A Porsche 912. The three of them, along with a little help from their friends will work together for 36 days over 8,500 miles, and race across dirt paths, rivers, and mountains in an event dating back to 1907.  

It’s the ultimate endurance rally following in the wheel-tracks of the original pioneers by driving a classic car nearly halfway around the world with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts, against the clock, with the added spice of timed sections. All this adds up to make the Peking to Paris rally the longest and perhaps the toughest driving challenge for Vintage and  Classic cars. 

In this first season, you’ll get to meet the drivers, the cars, and see what it takes to take on the wildest rally of them all. There will be 12 episodes in all, each one focused on a different portion of the race. We will take you through the car prep, the planning, the unforeseen obstacles, and the team it takes to even get to the start line. You’ll see a barn find Porsche 912 transformed into a race-ready machine and shipped to the other side of the world.


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