What Makes The John Player Special Livery So Alluring?

In this context, shouldn’t it be, “Lots Of Triumph, Usually Stylish”?

Never before has a line summed up a car as cleverly as, “Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious” to explain the five letters in Lotus. It’s a near-faultless gag, but this should not be applied to the company as a whole. For a brand synonymous with so many problems, it equally has had its fair share of positive accolades. Innovations in handling, balance, styling, vehicle construction—to not even scratch the surface.

Think Lotus, though, and you think racing. And when we think Lotus and racing, it’s got to be a black-and-gold John Player Special.

In all of the articles I’ve written on speed icons so far, the word “cool” has barely been used in describing an iconic racing livery.

The JPS cigarette branding is a perfect example of how simplicity and style always works. Paint it black, add a gold JPS logo, and you have instant and unmistakable branding. Of course, the same can be said for all of the best-loved racing liveries but no others have this air of ’70s sophistication about them.