Journal: What’s Wrong With a People’s Car?

What’s Wrong With a People’s Car?

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
April 23, 2015

Inexpensive to buy, own, and maintain, inexpensive vehicles have put millions of people on the road—especially in the wake of the Second World War. Now that many former economy-minded runabouts are classics, does it really matter that they began life several rungs down the ladder from sports cars?

Still, some trot out the old adage: “Not all classic cars are old, and not all old cars are classic.”

It’s an attractive statement for sure, but one that tosses aside the most important part of the car: its owner. Petrolicious prides itself on the stories behind vehicles; this week, our video was on an ’80s Volkswagen Scirocco, we featured a Fiat Jolly, and one of our writers bought an Opel Kadett C—all began life as pretty ordinary cars, but they now tell a much different story.

As values of Ferraris, Porsches, and the like continue to swell, let these vintage photos of city cars inspire you—speaking from personal experience, your next classic might just be a Citroën 2CV that you name Bertrand!

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It’s an alluring articulation without a doubt however one that hurls aside the most imperative parts of the car its owner. Petrolicious prides itself on the stories behind vehicles this week our video was on a ’80s Volkswagen Sirocco we highlighted a Fiat Jolly and one of our authors purchased an Opel Kadett C—all started life as quite conventional cars, yet they currently recount an entirely different story. Essays Writing Services UK

beach samurai
beach samurai

It looks like Moss from IT Crowds is Citroen fan.

Joe Average
Joe Average

As the owner of two aircooled VWs (T4 powered Beetle) and Corvair powered Westfalia – I have to say you haven’t lived until you’ve drifted rearengined car (or van) around a field or snow covered roads. Yes there is a fine line between holding the drift and not. 😉 That’s the fun. My ’66 Mustang was worse (in a bad way) than my VWs at oversteer. Surprise oversteer described the Mustang. Mine was a lowly six/3 spd manual. Probably better with modern tires, brake and suspension upgrades. Roommate dated an Italian girl with an Innocenti that was basically a Mini… Read more »


Mini Cooper for the win — econo car of the people AND a bona fide sports car. There’s a reason it’s such a iconic car.