Which Of These Classic Rally Cars Has The Best Exhaust Note?

An overall lack of traction is what makes rally cars sound so great. In low-speed corners, drivers compensate for less grip by applying more throttle, and in pretty much any rally car—Porsche 911 to Lancia Stratos—the resulting noise is quickly addicting. Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorite classic rally cars, singing at speed.

It’s perhaps a bit unfair to lead with various versions of Porsche 911 rally cars, but their raspy flat-6 engines have been a fixture of all forms of motorsport since the mid-1960s…and sound great pretty much all the time.

“It’s a car enthusiast’s collection, right,” says John Campion. “I don’t have cars because I want to impress anybody. If you don’t know what a rally car is, you’re kinda like, ‘That’s a dirty car, there are cracks on it’… But I find the passion I have for these cars goes back to the individuals who drove them” begins our film on John Campion and his Lancia Delta S4 rally car.