Journal: Goodyear’s 1969 Idea of “Wide” Tires Narrows The Eyes

Goodyear’s 1969 Idea of “Wide” Tires Narrows The Eyes

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
May 28, 2013

In these days where 300mm-wide rear shoes are commonplace, the idea that Goodyear’s “Wide Tread GT” tires advertised here were once considered fat is hilarious. One bit of copy boasts that they were “two inches wider than Goodyear’s previous performance tires”—perhaps they were confusing the automotive and bicycle departments? “Tested at 130 MPH” gives us pause while we imagine driving a leaf spring-suspended, drum-braked behemoth floating along at twice the average national speed limit on bias plys—“wide track” or not.

Tire technology has come a long way since these ads were new, and we’re very thankful it’s available in sizes and profiles perfect for a vintage look with modern performance—we’re die-hard old car fanatics, but we’ve also become accustomed to turning and stopping too.

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Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman

The ’70s were the golden age of tire adverts !

Goodyear also gave us the classic white lettered “Polyglas”

And from Firestone we got the epic “Wide Oval”.

Agree with you guys the fitment of modern low profile tires to old classics is a cardinal sin from a mechanical and aesthetic viewpoint.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

Any mention of tyres is guaranteed to get people into a heated debate, but I shall carry on regardless… Putting wide or low profile tyres on an old car is one of the original sins isn’t it? You get grip but loose all your handling and steering feel, and put extra strain on ancient bearings and suspension. Is there any greater joy than drifting round corners on 155s at 30mph? I’d highly recommend having a look at the videos that [url=””]Longstone Tyres in the UK put up on YouTube[/url]. They are big advocates of sticking with original width, profile and… Read more »

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange

Agree with you Paul, although modern tyres built to vintage sizes and demands on older suspension (Vredestein Sprint classic or Avon CR6Zz for instance) is probably the best way forward.