Films: 2004 Maserati MC12: The Racing Supercar
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MZR Roadsports: Evolving The Datsun 240Z in England
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2004 Maserati MC12: The Racing Supercar

After almost four decades away, this car brought Maserati back into motorsport.
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Another old members only video, no new video content for a long time now, and still no word to paid up members, petrolicious reputation down the pan.


Great video with a lot of interesting details about the MC-12. Believe the MC 20 is a worthy successor. Enjoyed it very much, but like the previous commenter said all that drifting isn’t really the way to drive the car. Hard charging might have been just as impressive. Thanks


I don’t understand the purpose of drifting this car through the turns. All you are doing is slowing your lap times. I’d rather see someone take the turns with finesse and speed.