Films: Episode 12: Au Revoir
MEMBER SERIES: Peking to Paris | S2 E1
Soul Made: Ruote Borrani Wire Wheels
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Episode 12: Au Revoir

Crossing the finish line in Place Vendome marks the end of a 36-day journey and the longest vintage car rally in the world. Who won?
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MEMBER SERIES: Peking to Paris
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Terry VanDervort
Terry VanDervort
2 years ago

Great series all the way through. Congratulations to Petrolicious. Thanks to Kurht and Derek for sharing their story and to Chris and his father Tjerk for continuing to share theirs.
2 years ago

Congratulations to Kurht and Derek.
A great series right from season 1. All the cars we had and moved on from: Volvo, BMW, Datsun, Fiat, Porsche with good prep, you can do it.

Alfa Greg
Alfa Greg
2 years ago

What an excellent series. Congratulations on a superb production.