Films: One Vespa Leads To Another
Made To Drive | S4 E1
The Toyota Sports 800 Is A Forefather Of Fun
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Made To Drive | S04 E20

One Vespa Leads To Another

When he was six years old, Peter Maas nabbed his grandfather’s garage key and snuck into his own future. Inside the shop, he found himself captivated by the shelves of carburetors and spark plugs, and old pictures of his grandpa’s TT racing days at Assen. From that moment on, Maas was obsessed with old things, and especially with old things that motored about on two wheels.
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3 years ago

I love the vespa, it’s such a perfect bike event though it handles bad. Anyway, the guy had a vw karmann ghia on the driveway, am I the only one who noticed it? It would be nice to see a video of that car one day. Keep up the good work!

Jason Dubreuil
Jason Dubreuil(@tipsguzzardo)
7 years ago

I have a love hate relationship with these videos. I love every one of them because their done so well. But I hate when a new one comes out because it’s side-tracks me and diverts my attention from my current vehicle projects. The want is strong for Vespa Project.

CJ David
CJ David(@theseeker411)
7 years ago

Awesome video.

I once followed a guy on a Vespa while behind the wheel of my e28 535is on the Tail of the Dragon. Even with my modified BMW, I was genuinely impressed with the speeds the guy on the Vespa was able to carry through some of those turns.

Len Smith
Len Smith(@papalen)
7 years ago

Great video, you really feel like you are there.

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel(@ethel19)
7 years ago

Brilliant video this week! No matter if the video is about a Ferrari 250 GTO or a Vespa it is all about the love of the machine. How it works. How it looks. The way is sounds. On these videos you can almost smell the oil and gasoline at well
as hear it. This Vespa is simple and yet so beautiful. Loved every second of this weeks video. But is that anything new?
Every week is wonderful here.

Andy Gondorf
Andy Gondorf(@andygondorf)
7 years ago

Great video, thanks for that. I love how Petrolicious videos are so wonderfully different to most car enthusiast videos on the ‘net.
It reminds me why I keep my (admittedly pretty rusty and beaten up) PX200 even though it isn’t really needed, but is a complete blast to ride.

Is a frequently self-opinioned commentor missing from here??? Could this be a vehicle that TJ Martin hasn’t actually owned/borrowed/guessed about?;)

7 years ago

Wonderrful video as usual. It is nice to see a european angle too. The workshop is incredible, and just seems to endless. I was interested in what looked like a homemade, wooden scooter lift. Can anyone explain how that works?

7 years ago

paul: keep that beauty…. the 7k will not make you any richer.

7 years ago

Another wonderful wonderful video. Thank you so much for doing this, it really makes my week, every week!

7 years ago

Glorious stuff! There’s nothing quite like a scooter down some quiet country lanes, a redhead tucking her legs around you from the back seat, and a picnique in the boot…

7 years ago

Love how they hoist down the scooter from the second floor

Josh Withers
Josh Withers(@fb_1067491512)
7 years ago

Once again, Very Well Done Petrolicious crew!!! I gave my Vespa to my brother to make room for a 1966 BMW and I’ve been missing it ever since. This video made it worse. I might have to find another one (and some room to store it).

Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh(@kav)
7 years ago

Only 3 days ago I decided to list my beloved Vespa G160 on Ebay, I even made a video about the bike (although not nearly in the same camp as Petrolicious). Is this a sign? Have I made a huge mistake?!


Stephan P
Stephan P(@alfettaracer)
7 years ago

Very nice. A combination of motoring and garage video. I love that work shop.

Dan Sciannameo
Dan Sciannameo(@fb_1181876473)
7 years ago

I have four scooters and four motorcycles. Scooter folks collect even more. One definitely leads to more.

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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
7 years ago

I’ve only reached the 1:50 marker in this little video, and I just had to stop it to say, “What a beautiful shop!”

I hope that one day I can get all my old junk, tools, and hardware sorted out to find this kind of tranquil environment to work in.

Very nice. Now I’m going to go finish watching your story unfold.

Thanks for sharing.