PODCAST: Petrolicious Talks
Welcome to Petrolicious Talks: conversations, stories, and deep dives celebrating all the automotive world has to offer. Join Founder of Petrolicious, Afshin Behnia, as he chats with designers and drivers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, collectors and craftsman, examining what they drive and what drives them.
PODCAST: Petrolicious Talks
Petrolicious Talks: Ralph Gilles - Head of Global Design, FCA
EPISODE 01 | May 12, 2020
Our first-ever Petrolicious Talks guest is Ralph Gilles, Head of Design at FCA. When he's not leading automotive design at one of the world's largest car companies, he's tinkering on classics and driving his Alfa Romeo GTV.
Petrolicious Talks: Andrea Zagato - CEO of Zagato Play
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EPISODE 02 | May 26, 2020
Founded in 1919 by Andrea's grandfather, Ugo Zagato, the Milanese studio has remained not just relevant, but at the forefront of beautiful and functional automotive design.