For Sale: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce ($98,000)

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce ($98,000)

By Petrolicious Marketplace
August 25, 2017

Photography by Florian Joly

Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $98,000 USD (€83,000)


Alfa Romeo launched their handsome Giulietta 2+2 coupe at the 1954 Turin Motor Show. The smooth lines of the Bertone-designed coupe and following Berlina sedan following the next year are exceptional chapters in Alfa Romeo’s history, but as far as proper convertible sportscars go, it’s hard to top the marques Spider version of the Giulietta.

Although it was based on Bertone’s original styling, Pininfarina was hired to handle the drop top Giulietta installment. The Spider Veloce was added to the Giulietta lineup in mid 1955 as a 1956 model year, and just 2,796 examples were made, making it the rarest model with exception of low-production Speciale and Zagato customs.

The Giulietta Spider Veloce was fitted with an all-aluminum twin side draft carbureted 1.3-liter twin-cam four-cylinder producing 115 horsepower mated to a four-speed ZF manual transmission. The body was light but stiff thanks to unibody construction, and coupled with the stout 4-cylinder meant the beautiful little two-seater was a genuine sportscar.


The Spider Veloce’s fascia remained very similarly styled to the Bertone Giulietta coupe’s in terms of grille and headlight arrangement, but with a lower hood line providing a sleeker stance. From the windshield back, the Spider Veloce bodywork was entirely different than the rest of the Giulietta models. The most noticeable visual differences being the typically stylish rear quarter arches that hike-up just behind the doors, tapering off towards the rear of the car.

The cabin, only requiring two seats, was significantly shortened meaning an all-new trunk lid and rear quarters were molded. The overall Pininfarina package proved, once again, that the Italians know how to build an achingly beautiful sportscar. Short front and rear overhangs, bulbous rear arches, trim hugging bumpers, and minimal trim has stood the test of time as one of Alfa Romeo’s and Pininfarina’s very best collaborations.


This beautiful white over black leather 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is an authentic Veloce model that was fully restored 20 years ago. Although the restoration was done some time ago, it has been lovingly maintained since and remains in impeccable condition both mechanically and aesthetically.

The car was originally white and resprayed once in Celeste Blue. The bodywork is accident and rust free. All panels are believed to be original to the car with the exception of replaced but correctly stamped floor pans. The panel gaps are even throughout the body and fitment is exceptional. The glass, bumpers, brightwork, and lighting equipment are original and in very good condition. The older respray retains good shine with no fading or major imperfections to note.

The interior was fully reupholstered during the restoration executed some 20 years ago but shows only minimal wear. Most of the accessory components are original, such as the Veglia instruments, steering wheel, trim, and period correct radio. The seat covers, dash pad, carpeting, and door cards mimic factory correct materials with excellent fit and finish.


Body – The body is believed to be comprised of all factory original panels with the exception of the floor pans. The panel gaps are even and correct throughout the bodywork and remain straight and accident free. The undercarriage is very clean and free of corrosion.

Paint – The non-metallic Celeste Blue is an older respray with the original color being white. The finish is fade-free and very clean with no major scratches, dings, or stone chips.

Chrome & Glass – The bumpers, brightwork, and glass are all original with no pitting or discoloration. The windscreen has a light scuff but nothing that distracts from driving.

Wheels – The original steel wheels are very clean and complete with the correct center caps. Only minor scuffs on the barrels from tire mounting/dismounting are visible.

Convertible Top – The custom replacement canvas top was fitted during the restoration and remains in good shape with no tears, split seams, or leaks when deployed.


Steering Wheel – The original two-spoke two-tone steering wheel is showing its age with faded-to-ivory center spokes and slight tarnishing on the horn ring and center cap, but the black rim is surprisingly free of cracking.

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The replacement dash pad looks correct with good fitment and remains free of shrinkage or cracking. The Veglia instruments are correct, complete, and fully functioning.

Seats, Trim, & Carpet – The seats are original but wear replacement seat covers that are correct in style and material and good driver condition. The black carpets are free of stains and sun fading and the switchgear, accessories, and original trim are complete.


Engine – The engine is not numbers matching but is the correct Veloce 1.3-liter 1290cc twin-cam dual Weber side draft four-cylinder and was rebuilt before installment during the restoration.

Transmission – The four-speed gearbox was rebuilt during the restoration.

Handling – Thanks to its lightweight construction, these little roadsters are very fun to drive and the solid rear-axle/independent front suspension setup offers good feedback and the four-wheel finned drum brakes work very well.


This car benefited from a restoration within factory specifications approximately 20 years ago and, although it’s not a 100-percent numbers matching car, it was rebuilt with the correct Veloce model engine and transmission. The rest of the car remains highly original with original body panels, trim, and drivetrain components.


The sale includes the original spare, toolkit, and various service and restoration invoices. The car recently received a compression test, which revealed strong numbers across all four-cylinders.


1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce – Gooding Pebble Beach 2016 – $148,500 inc/ premium – Black/Red, Matching #’s, comprehensive restoration

1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F – Bring-a-trailer 2016 – $117,500 – Red/Black, Matching #’s, highly original

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce – Auctions America Fort Lauderdale 2016 – $82,500 inc/ premium – Red/Black, comprehensive rotisserie restoration


Like we said – they’re serious racers.


Clean & Complete – This car is an authentic Spider Veloce with all the correct parts. An older restoration that’s stood the test of time means this car was rebuilt right.

Driver Ready – With healthy compression, no leaks or finicky issues to address, this car is ready to be enjoyed as is without worry.


This car is for sale by Jerome Barugola of Aix en Provence, France.

PRICE: $98,000 USD (€83,000)



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