Sold: 1971 Porsche 911T With Full Inspection ($62,900)

1971 Porsche 911T With Full Inspection ($62,900)

By Petrolicious Marketplace
January 17, 2017

Note from Petrolicious:  A key standard we are trying to improve in classic car transactions is transparency.  We go to great lengths to make sure we find and vet great cars to place on site.  With this listing, we’re trying something new – we’ve asked the seller to conduct a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) from the Porsche experts at TRE Motorsports to be included in our writeup (more details below) in effort of creating full transparency with cars on the Petrolicious Marketplace.

Photography by Hagop Kalaidjian

PRICE: $62,900

“They’ve Gotten Faster”

Iteration – all manufacturers boast this to some degree, but none do refinement quite as rigorously as Porsche.  By 1971, the 911 was in the D-Series of production sporting a longer wheelbase, and larger 2.2 engine.  The 911T, or Touring, was first introduced as Porsche’s entry level product in 1967 to increase sales competing with cars like the Mercedes 280SL.

In addition to improving their flagship 911, 1971 was also a hallmark year for Porsche in other respects as well.  Weissach, their famous development center, was officially inaugurated and they won the 24 Hours of Le Mans setting a lap record that had not been broken since 2010 (amidst many track changes).  Things at Porsche were going well, you could say.

The Car

This particular 1971 Porsche 911T, originally based in the East Coast, has been owned by the same family since 1984.  Described as being in honest driver level condition, the car has seen healthy and well documented ownership and has no major issues.  Overall, the car presents well and is ready to be enjoyed.  As mentioned in the note at the beginning of the listing, the car has been looked over by the Porsche experts at TRE Motorsports known for restoring concours examples – we break it down in the following sections:


Body – The 1971 models featured the LWB designed to improve handling.  D-Series cars also featured galvanized floor boards coated with PVC in effort to reduce corrosion.  The TRE Motorsports PPI has found the following minor, and nonstructural imperfections on the body:

TRE Opinion: “Car has minor rust problems that could be repaired.  Chassis looks really straight. Problems listed above can be fixed over time and enjoy the car as-is in the meantime.”  All panels on the car are original and have correct fit all around.

Paint – This car was originally finished in Bahama Yellow, and resprayed in the period-correct Tangerine (018) around 1985 and then resprayed again in the same color during a partial restoration by Cramer’s Auto Repair that was completed in 2016.  Overall, the paintwork presents well.

Chrome and Glass  – The chrome and exterior trim is in great condition from a recent restoration by East Auto Body in July 2016 that included a full bumper restoration.   The rear window seal will need replacing at some point.

Wheels – The car is fitted with original and lightweight alloy Mahle “Stovetop” magnesium wheels which are very rare and were recently refurbished by the well-known Al Reed Polishing.  The car is fitted brand new, period correct Pirelli P6000 tires.


The interior on this 911T is highly original and has been very well maintained.  There a few minor imperfections but the interior presents very well overall.  See below for the full breakdown:

Steering wheel – The correct and original steering wheel is fitted and in very good condition.

Dashboard and Instrumentation – The dashtop is clean, but has a small crack above the clock.  All instrumentation are working as it should be.

Seats, Trim and Carpet – The original seats are in very good condition. The perforated headliner is correct and extremely clean.  The interior silver trim has minor peel next to the stereo deck.  All the interior components are all original with the exception of the door panels and door pulls (originals come with sale).


Engine – The 2.2 liter motor in the 911T featured an 84mm bore, produced 125 horsepower and was the last year featuring a carburation.  The PPI mentions a few very minor leaks (chain box, oil return tube/cam tower area, flywheel seal)

Transmission – The 911T featured the 911/01 gearbox, one of the final doglegged layout by Porsche. The gearbox is in overall good condition.

Handling – With the higher performance of the 2.2L motor, all cars in the Porsche’s lineup began using ventilated disc brakes.


Below is the PPI conducted by TRE Motorsports in December 2016.


As mentioned, the car is not finished in its original color but has been resprayed in Tangerine which was an available color by Porsche in 1971.

Other than the door panels and pulls (both come with sale and fuel pump, everything on this car, inside and out, is believed to be original.


This car comes with a very complete service history since 1999 including the following:


1971 – 1984 | Eugene Good Jr. – White Plains, New York

1984 – 2011 | Anthony Adams Sr. (father) – Greenwich, Connecticut

2011 – present | Lane Adams (son) – Los Angeles, California


Honest Driver: While Porsches at the top of the market are making it increasingly risky to drive and enjoy blue chip examples, a well vetted driver condition car is something you use as it was intended.

Long Wheel Base: While the short wheel base cars have their own appeal, they are a bit squirrely in the corners making the later editions a better driver oriented car.

Fully Documented: With 15+ years of paperwork, traceable ownership, and a thorough pre-purchase inspection this is the most honest example on the market.


This car is for sale by Lane Adams of Los Angeles, California.

PRICE: $62,900



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