Sold: 1985 Porsche 930 Turbo ($150,000)

1985 Porsche 930 Turbo ($150,000)

By Petrolicious Marketplace
September 1, 2017

Photography by Andrew Golseth

Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $150,000 

Respect The Reaper: The Infamous Widowmaker

The Widowmaker. Sure, now it’s a cool throwback nickname, but back then, as now, it was not something to laugh at when your Turbo was starting to spin after the boost kicked on. With refinement, taunting performance, and mid-corner-snap-oversteer tendencies, it didn’t take automotive journalists long to start comparing the 930’s personalities to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. While the 930 can be tricky to master, it’s an incredibly rewarding car to drive once you do, or even when you get close to doing so for that matter.

It’s certainly not the best track-focused 911, but that was never the point. The Turbo was built to be the ultimate Autobahn grand tourer. Comfortable, but colossally quick, the 930 throned as one of the “quickest cars of the 1970s”—a title it carried into the ‘80s.


Up until 1975, the Porsche 911 lineup consisted primarily of trim level packages, but the overall chassis in which these options were a canvas for remained nearly identical throughout the range. Aside from the low-production Rennsport specials, most 911s produced within the first decade and change since the model’s inception looked strikingly similar. That all changed when the 930 arrived.

Although unmistakably a Porsche 911, the 930 is also instantly distinguishable from the rest of the 911 family tree thanks to its unique bodywork. With the significant increase in horsepower and that snappy turbo’s binary nature, more traction was required for optimal performance—not to mention the liability of handing over a skinny-tire-equipped monster to the public would have resulted in even more danger.

The track was widened and larger flared fenders and rear quarters were pulled over the meatier tires. To further increase grip, a large “whale tail” rear spoiler was integrated into the deck lid, which later on would double as an intercooler air-feed for better temperature control. The wide and low stance accentuated by the massive rear wing made a bold statement, while the subtle “Turbo” script across the rear hinted at the snail underneath.


This black over black leather 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo is a Euro-spec car that’s spent it’s entire life in California with the exception of a short three-year stint in Florida. The car is 50-state emission compliant with the addition of a catalytic converter (which can be installed upon request), and has just 10,351 miles on the odometer. The chassis and body panels are entirely rust- and accident-free and the car remains unmodified and very original.

The car was professionally repainted once in its factory nonmetallic black paint, which remains in excellent showroom condition with no major imperfections to note. The body is comprised entirely of its original factory panels, which are straight with even gaps throughout. The interior is entirely original with the exception of a factory replacement dash pad.

This three-owner example was originally purchased by Terry Bersuch, who took delivery at the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. From there, Terry traveled Germany before shipping the car home to Los Angles. Once stateside, the 930 was rarely driven and eventually sat for 11 years untouched. One of Terry’s friends, Dan Romero, purchased the car and returned the 930 to roadworthy mechanical condition. Once thoroughly gone through, the car was then sold to Patrick Devine, who used it sparingly before a dealer in Florida acquired the car.

Makellos Classics of Escondido, California, found the car listed in Florida and took the opportunity to secure such a fine, original Turbo. Since acquiring the car, the Porsche certified technicians at Makellos have gone through the entire automobile to ensure an honest turnkey machine for the next caretaker.


Body – The body is comprised entirely of its original factory installed panels, all of which are straight and damage free with even panel gaps throughout. Aside from its time spent overseas during the original owner’s European delivery trip, this car has remained in California its entire life with the exception of a brief stay in Florida.

Paint – The deep nonmetallic black was resprayed once back to its correct factory-applied color and is in like-new condition.

Trim & Glass – All pieces of glass, including the windshield, are original to the car and in excellent condition with no cracks or major imperfections. All exterior rubber trim components—door handle gaskets, window seals and squeegees, “whale tail” edge, impact bumperettes, and bumper accordions remain fresh with no visible sun damage or discoloration.

Wheels – The staggered Turbo-spec Fuchs are the correct original wheels with machined lips and black centers, complete with Porsche crest engraved center caps. The wheels are free of curb rash, discoloration, and warpage.


Steering Wheel – The original leather-wrapped four-spoke steering wheel looks showroom fresh with no major blemishes to note.

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The original dash pad suffered from shrinkage, so a correct replacement was installed and remains in like-new condition. The original instruments are in place and functioning properly.

Seats, Trim & Carpet – The black leather seat covers, door panels, carpeting, headliner, and floor mats are original to the car and are congruent with the low mileage. There are no tears, rips, stains, or fading.


Engine – 3.3-liter turbocharged flat-six.

Transmission – 930 four-speed manual transmission.

Handling – As anyone who’s driven an air-cooled 911 can attest, the rear-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration mated to a lightweight chassis means steering inputs require minimal effort with road-to-wheel communication few cars can hold a candle to. The 930 offers this 911 staple but with far more power than previous/lower-trim models—making it all the more fun to wring-out.


While it’s tempting to tinker with the turbocharged sports car, this sinister black-on-black Turbo has been kept within factory specifications. The car remains clean, complete, and entirely original with the exception of a high quality professional respray and new black leather dash pad.


Various invoices, paperwork, EPA, and service history documents are included in the sale, including its most recent mechanical inspection executed by Makellos Classics. The original spare, jack, and toolkit are also included.


Here are some recent activity in the 930 Turbo market:

1986 Porsche 911 Turbo – Bring a Trailer 2017 – $134,500 – Red/Black, 23,000 miles, mostly original car in slightly above driver condition

1983 Porsche 930 Turbo – Gooding Scottsdale 2016 – $165,000 inc/premium – Also Black/Black, 39,000 miles, higher mileage example once owned by Jacky Ickx

1987 Porsche 911 Turbo – RM Amelia Island 2015 – $220,000 inc./premium – Red/Tan, 11,703 miles, Certificate of Authenticity, similar condition example and also a sunroof example


The Turbo is no joke. See what it’s like to drive and own one.


Back In Black – Although not always the easiest to clean, a beautifully finished black car is hard to beat. With so many black accents—namely the Fuchs centers, rubber bumper components, trim, “Whale Tail” rubber, and “shark fin” quarter arch protectors—the deep nonmetallic black suits the 930. While more radical colors trend in popularity, black on black is a classic combo that’ll forever be desired.

Low Miles and Unmodified – Factory turbocharged performance cars tend to be victim to never-satisfied boost junkies, meaning many 930s have been tampered with. While we appreciate custom, well-done, professionally modified classics, a stock 930 is plenty fast as-is, and a proven incredibly robust platform. With only 10k miles since new, this rock-stock Turbo is definitely toward the top of the 911 “Most Wanted” list.


This car is for sale by Matt Kenyon of Makellos Classics.  You can get to know him better here.



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