Sold: 1993 Ferrari 348TS Serie Speciale ($125,000)

1993 Ferrari 348TS Serie Speciale ($125,000)

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April 14, 2017

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Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $125,000

Number 65 Of 100: The Thoroughbred 348 Serie Speciale

At the 1992 Los Angeles Auto Show, Ferrari unveiled the 348 Serie Speciale—an American market-only limited edition built with the serious driver in mind. Like the standard 348, the Serie Speciale was powered by the Tipo F119 3.4-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 mounted amidships. However, as the name implies, this low-production version received a number of special go-fast goodies for a substantial increase in performance over the regular 348.

For starters, the engine was retuned and fitted with a free-flowing exhaust system, increasing total output to 312 horsepower. The power increase coupled with a shorter final drive ratio resulted in a quicker gallop to 60 miles per hour, taking just 5.3 seconds from a standstill. The added 12 horsepower alone wasn’t the real trick, however. It was the overall packaging that made the Serie Speciale such a stunner.

Bespoke Pirelli P Zero tires provided extra stick in tandem with F40-inspired aero in the form of new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear track widened by 50mm. Attractive visual alterations further separated the SS from the standard car, including revised front and rear grilles finished with chrome prancing horse emblems, unique taillights, and a new interior as well.

Inside, F40-style Connolly leather-wrapped carbon kevlar buckets were fitted as standard, with extended leather on the door panels and dashboard. Each 348 Serie Speciale was designated by a sequential order of production number plate affixed to the inside of the passenger side doorpost.


The standard 348 is a beautifully proportioned V8-powered, mid-engine Ferrari that’s stood the test of time. Its simple, angular lines are almost restrained in light of the wild sports car designs of today. The 348 is a member of the more classically-styled Ferrari design language—low, wide, and featuring crisp folds in the Pininfarina bodywork without being excessively shouty like its Raging Bull competitors of the era.

With the 348 Serie Speciale, you get timelessly stylish Maranello visuals accented by driver-focused extras, namely the more aggressive body cladding, wider rear track, and beautifully stitched F40-style bucket seats. Any 348 looks the part, but the Serie Speciale sets a higher bar for those seeking more—more power, added performance, improved ergonomics, and sleeker aesthetics.


This 1993 Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale is number 65 of 100 built, and one of only 65 Targa (TS) models made. The car is in like-new condition inside and out. With just 17,429 miles driven since new, this rare 348 Serie Speciale is all-original, low mileage, and fully documented, making it a tempting investment for the savvy collector or the pristine modern classic for driving enthusiasts.

Finished in traditional Rosso Corsa over Connolly tan leather, this stunning 348 recently received the highly coveted Platino Award (Platinum) from the Ferrari Club of America International Annual Meet—further exemplifying the quality maintenance and preservation this vehicle has benefitted from since new.

In June 2016, the car underwent a rigorous, no-cost-spared servicing to ensure everything was in tip-top operating condition, totaling nearly $9,000 at marque experts Scuderia Performante. Unrestored, meticulously detailed, fully serviced, and dressed in the quintessential Ferrari color combination, this 348 TS presents a unique opportunity to enter the limited Serie Speciale market before the model undoubtedly appreciates into the higher tiers of the collector realm.


Body – The body is comprised of all factory original fitted panels, which remain straight and free of any damage or rust.

Paint – The Rosso Corsa paint is in impeccable condition throughout, with no cracking, fading, or major imperfections to note. 348s are notorious for paint cracking near the base of the c-pillars, but this car does not suffer from this common issue.

Trim and Glass – All trim, emblems, glass, and lighting equipment are original and in exceptional condition given the car’s age.

Wheels – The five-spoke bladed wheels wear the original metallic silver finish and are complete with center caps. The wheels are uncurbed and clean.

Targa Top – The vinyl targa insert panel is free of fading or tears and provides a watertight seal.


Steering Wheel – The original three-spoke steering wheel is in very good condition with no scuffs, nicks, fading, or broken seams.

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The black leather dash cover is free of cracking or sun damage of any kind. The amber-over-black Veglia instruments and complete accessory switchgear are fully functional. The common 348 “sticky” interior components have been tended to, including the defroster ventilation hardware. During the early 30k service interval, both window regulators were rebuilt with new components, as 348 power windows are prone to slow operation.

Seats, Trim, & Carpet – The low-positioned F40-style kevlar bucket seats remain wrapped in the original tan leather seat covers, which show only minor wear congruent with the mileage. The rest of the interior is in similar condition with clean, stain-free carpeting.


Engine – The numbers-matching 312-horsepower Tipo F119 3.4-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 and dogleg five-speed manual transmission are intact and operate flawlessly.

Transmission – The numbers-matching dogleg five-speed manual transmission is in place and operates without issue.

Handling – Like the rest of the car, the suspension and brakes have been maintained with unwavering commitment to preserve the feel of this special Ferrari. The car is tight, sharp and precise, and does not pull to either side.

Underside – The underside is congruent with a car of this mileage: clean, structurally sound, and free of oil or fluid stains, with minor cosmetic imperfections incurred from normal use.


This 1993 Ferrari 348TS Serie Speciale is as original as they come. Averaging just 745 miles per year since new, this Targa Speciale is in incredible example of preservation, retaining all of its original body panels, interior components, equipment, drivetrain, and powertrain. From the paint to the leather, glass to the wheels, this car is entirely original aside from consumables such as tires, fluids, and belts.


Included in the sale are the original window sticker, owner’s manuals, booklets, car cover, tools, jack, and extensive servicing documentation dating back to new.



Rare & Ready – One of 100 348 Serie Speciales sold, and one of just 65 Targa examples, this exceedingly rare low-production Maranello masterpiece is a gem that’s ready to drive without hesitation thanks to a fully documented service history, no deferred maintenance, and a recent, preemptive 30k-mile service.

Choice Colors – Who could turn their nose up at a Rosso Corsa Ferrari? This car retains its glass-like reflective red coat of factory-applied paint. With inviting tan leather upholstery, it’s a tried and true combination that’ll forever be a winner.

Ahead Of The Market – The Ferrari market is among the strongest in the collector car world, with low-production rarities fetching the biggest figures from bidders. The 348 Serie Speciale has yet to catapult into the hyper-inflated vintage Ferrari domain, but it’s certainly on its way to that level. This is a special modern classic ready to be enjoyed with undeniable room for appreciation in the coming future.


This car is for sale by Andrew Mastin of LBI Limited.

PRICE: $125,000



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