For Sale: 1993 Porsche RS America ($149,500)

1993 Porsche RS America ($149,500)

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December 7, 2017

Photography by Andrew Holliday

Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $149,500


In 1992, Porsche unveiled their latest Rennsport special: the 964 RS. The stripped out, lightweight, track-focused road car harkened back to the back-to-basics principles of its predecessors, the 2.7 RS, 3.0 RS, and RSR models of yesteryear. Unfortunately, the special edition 964 never made it to the States.

Unsurprisingly, stateside Porsche enthusiasts weren’t too thrilled about missing out on yet another piece of sweet foreign fruit, but thankfully Porsche listened to their demands. The Stuttgart scientists came up with a solution to fill the void: the RS America. Although not quite as hardcore as the European-spec RS, the limited-run RS America (RSA) was still a special machine constructed with enthusiasts in mind.

Released as a 1993 and 1994 model year car, the RSA featured a number of unique parts and specs to differentiate it from the rest of the 911 lineup. Based on the rear-wheel drive Carrera 2, the RSA came equipped with a distinct “whale tail” rear deck spoiler, aluminum five-spoke 17-inch wheels, Sport Suspension as standard, and RS stickers for the lower rear quarters and an “RS America” emblem for the deck lid. The RSA was only offered in Grand Prix White, Guards Red, Black, Polar Silver, or Midnight Blue—though for an additional ~$2,500, paint-to-sample was available.

The RSA cabin came with unique black cord cloth center, leather back Sport Seats, barren door panels with pull straps with color options to match the seat belts, and a parcel shelf-like plane in place of the rear seats. To save weight, the RSA came without a radio, sunroof, or air-conditioning. However, of the four options these three creature comforts could be added in addition to a limited-slip-differential (LSD). These four items were the only options available for the RSA—quite limited compared to the standard Carrera 2’s near 50 options.

Mechanically, the RSA used the standard but adequate 247 HP/228 TQ 3.6-liter flat-six, five-speed manual transmission, and C2 four-wheel disc brakes, all of which works superbly in the sub-3,ooo-pound platform. To further shave weight, the power steering system, cruise control, and power mirrors were left out.

The overall package, which weighed 77 pounds lighter than the standard C2, was a sharp driver-focused tool built with the less-is-more mantra in mind. Unlike the enthusiasts’ Porsches of today, the RSA was ~$10,000 cheaper than the standard 911, making it a bargain for the avid gearhead. Despite the lower MSRP, only 701 RSA were built during the short two-year production run, making them highly desirable amongst enthusiasts and collectors alike.


The RSA was built on the standard, slim-bodied Carrera 2, which certainly isn’t a bad place to start. The 964 has been praised for its timeless design which manages to look unmistakably classic 911 while simultaneously looking and driving like a very modern machine. Although paint-to-sample and two metallic colors were optional, the trio of classic standard hues—namely Black, Guards Red, and Grand Prix White—suit the minimalistic RSA’s character best.

The subtle “RS” script just before the rear wheels and “RS America” rear emblem nods at something special, but not in a shouty tone. Even the rear whale tail fits the bill without drawing big attention. Overall the RSA is a restrained design few outside the petrolhead crowd will notice as anything more than simply a Porsche. Yet, these types of understated, tasteful special editions tend to age gracefully and looking at the RSA today, it’s hard to believe this car is a 25-year-old.


This Guards Red 1993 Porsche RS America has been, with the exception of a few years, under the care of the same father and son since new. Purchased new by the seller’s father at MCL Motor Cars in Vancouver, this RSA was used sparingly on weekends with exceptional weather. The car has never seen the snow or harsh weather conditions and has been garage-kept since new. Always serviced by Porsche certified technicians, the odometer reads just 39,500 kilometers (~25,000 miles).

This RS America was spec’d with the beautiful Sport Seats and limited-slip differential, making this example even more driver focused. The car has never been involved in an accident nor neglected, and wears all of its original panels and paint. The powertrain, drivetrain, and cabin are also entirely original and unmodified with the sole exception of an added aftermarket Pioneer radio.


Body  The body is comprised of all its original panels, which remain laser straight and free of corrosion and damage.

Paint  The factory applied Guards Red paint is in showroom condition with no major imperfections to note. The paint retains deep shine with no discoloration, fading, or hazing typically found in 25-year-old red paint.

Trim and Glass  All rubber seals, gaskets, and squeegees are original and remain surprisingly like-new. All pieces of glass, including the headlights and windshield, are original to the car and are in excellent condition with no stone chips or cracks.

Wheels  The original staggered 17×7-inch front/17×8-inch rear RSA-specific alloy wheels still wear their original silver painted finish with no curb rash or discoloration and are complete with Porsche crest center caps. The BF Goodrich tires have plenty of meat left to burn and remain fresh.


Steering Wheel  The factory four-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel is in place and appears showroom fresh.

Dashboard & Instrumentation  The leather-wrapped dashboard is free of cracks and tears, and the VDO instruments are all functioning properly.

Seats, Trim, & Carpet  The black cord cloth center/leather back Sport Seats appear genuinely showroom new with no visible wear to the seat covers, stitching, or bolstering. The door panels are equally preserved, as is the headliner, rear parcel shelf, and carpeting.


Engine – The original 3.6-liter flat-six is still in place, unopened since its factory assemblage, and in impeccable running order. 

Transmission – The original five-speed manual transmission is in place and still using the factory clutch assembly.

Handling – RSA came standard with the M030 option Sport Suspension Package, which includes the Turbo model’s progressive lowering springs, upgraded shocks, and larger front stability bar. The limited-slip differential helps bring the exciting experience together.


Aside from consumables—such as fluids, filters, belts, etcetera—this RSA remains entirely original and unmodified from stock (with the exception of the aforementioned Pioneer radio, which could be removed with ease if so desired). Porsche serviced since new, always garage kept, accident free, low mileage, and beautifully cared for, this Guards Red modern classic represents the top of the RSA market.


The original spare, toolkit, Porsche service manual, factory warranty booklet, and Owner’s Manual are included in the sale. This RSA has been strictly maintained by MCL Motor Cars, Weissach Performance, and most recently at Blitzkreig Autowerks. To ensure a turnkey no-hassle exchange with the next lucky caretaker, the owner recently had Blitzkreig carry out a thorough servicing at the end of April 2017, which totaled in excess of $2,700 CAD.


1993 – 1996 – James Mendez | Vancouver, Canada

1996 – 1998 – Friend of original owner | Vancouver, Canada

1998 – present – Mendez Family | Vancouver, Canada



Rare Rennsport – All things classic Porsche have been rising in value for the better part of a decade now, and the cars that command the biggest coin tend to be affiliated with the Rennsport department. With only 701 made, the RS America is a highly coveted collectible. This low mileage all-original unmodified number looks to be a safe bet you can drive without depreciating.

The North American Special – This car has been described as the car that the Porsche Club of America built, and is certainly a cool piece of Porsche history.


This car is for sale by James Alexis Mendez of Vancouver, British Columbia.

PRICE: $149,500



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