Sold: 20k-Mile 1967 Jaguar E-Type ($195,000)

20k-Mile 1967 Jaguar E-Type ($195,000)

By Cooper Classic Cars
July 18, 2017

Photography by Jake Salyers

Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $195,000

The Quintessential British Roadster

The XK120 hit the street in 1954 and although several aesthetic, structural, and mechanical alterations were made throughout its lineage, it was getting a tad outdated by the final XK150 model installment. Jaguar needed something fresh, yet something just as impactful as their precious XK’s success. Following up on a hit single can be a tough act, but Jaguar applied their instruments of design and mechanical knowhow to what many would argue as the pinnacle of classic sports cars—both in terms of design and driving pleasure.

The XKE, otherwise simply known as the E-Type, was unveiled in 1961 to an astonished crowd of eager onlookers gathered at the Geneva Auto Show. Although the XK150’s inline-six was fitted under the new cat’s exceedingly long reverse-hinged bonnet, the rest of the E-Type was all new and shockingly ahead of the competition. For starters, a state-of-the-art lightweight monocoque chassis construction proved far stiffer and more capable than its predecessor. Four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes—with the rear setup being inboard—meant the new Jag could stop and swing with the switchbacks with ease. The rack and pinion steering assembly equated to a more direct road feel, which was more than welcome considering the flat-out performance figures.

With naught-to-60 sprint times clocking in under seven seconds before going on to a top speed north of 150 miles per hour, the E-Type was a true performance car. But it wasn’t just the athletic demeanor and joy-to-drive delivery that captivated 1960s’ motorists, it was the undeniable drop-dead gorgeous lines that lured them into Jag dealers.


Although the E-Type saw three Series models over its near 15-year production cycle, it’s the original Series 1 design that’s most sought after by collectors and gearheads alike. The Series 1’s acrylic aero-covered headlights, slim bumpers, and minimalistic trim remain the most timeless of the variants and, despite being offered in coupe and 2+2 configuration, the convertible tends to be the-one-to-get within the enthusiast circle.

It’s long, curvaceous hood-line dips down into the center cabin section before subtly rising over the trailing rear wheel arches. The rounded tumblehome flanks wrap the chassis tightly with no excess fat anywhere to be found on the slippery shape.

Mr. Maranello himself, Enzo Ferrari, is evenly famously quoted as confessing the E-Type was, “The most beautiful car ever made.” You’d think a car that’s been added to the New York Museum of Modern Art for its genuine beauty would make a Ferrari look affordable, but the E-Type was even competitively priced—all while looking better than its more expensive rivals.


This 1967 Jaguar XKE is a late Series 1 model, meaning it packs the more desirable and more powerful 4.2-liter XK straight-six, which is good for 10% more torque over the 3.8-liter cars, upping output from 240 to 283 pound-feet. This car has been driven a mere 20k miles and has been maintained with care since new.

This two-owner E-Type recently benefited from a new coat of Pale Primrose Yellow, the original color, and a new vinyl folding soft-top. The contrasting all-original black leather interior is in excellent condition given its age. This example has a clean and clear accident-free history and is accompanied by a Jaguar Heritage Trust certification confirming its authenticity.


Body – The body is original and shows no signs of accidents and is rust free with very straight panels and even gaps all around.

Paint – The car was recently resprayed in its original Pale Primrose Yellow, which remains in like-new condition with exceptional shine and depth with no imperfections to note.

Trim & Glass – The brightwork and glass, including the delicate headlight aero-covers, are original and in very good condition.

Wheels – The original steel wire wheels are complete with the correct knock-off center spinners and are wearing period-correct styled red-lined tires.

Convertible Top – The black canvas folding soft top is new and seals watertight with good fitment and is taut when deployed.


Steering Wheel – The original three-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel, complete with Jaguar checkered horn button, is in stunning condition, offering a warm welcome to drivers. Is there a better looking factory steering wheel?

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The original SMITHS instruments are fully functional along with all toggle switchgear and accessories. The black vinyl-wrapped dash is free of tears, cracks, shrinkage, and discoloration.

Seats & Trim – The bucket seats wear their original leather covers, which remain free of tears, rips, or split seams. The matching black carpet and door panels are in equally good condition.


Engine – Like the chassis, the numbers-matching 4.2-liter inline-six has only been driven a sparing 20k miles since 1967. The engine has been maintained with great care and remains unmodified from stock configuration.

Transmission – The original four-speed transmission is in place.

Handling – The four-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes have been kept up with since new and perform very well.


Aside from consumable maintenance materials—bushings, belts, fluids, and filters—and a professionally applied fresh coat of paint, this car remains completely within factory specifications. The powertrain, drivetrain, and interior are original to the car as are the bumpers, lighting equipment, trim, wheels, and glass.


Accompanying the sale is the Jaguar Heritage Certificate, original spare, toolkit, jack, and service records.


1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2L – RM Scottsdale 2017 – $308,000 inc/ premium – Blue/Tan, Matching #’s, exceptionally restored, Heritage certificate

1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2L – Gooding Scottsdale 2017 – $253,000 inc/ premium – Black/Black, unrestored, highly original example


E-Type’s are universally loved—follow this Peruvian enthusiasts XKE journey.


Turnkey and turn heads — This car recently underwent an extensive professional servicing that included a complete front and rear end drivetrain rebuild and custom stainless steel exhaust system. Thoroughly inspected, corrected, and perfected, this E-Type is ready to go, just don’t blame us for the unavoidable petrol station conversations you’ll be having with admiring motorists.


This car is for sale by Elliot Cuker of Cooper Classics in New York City.  You can get to know him better here.



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