Sold: Camilo Pardo 2005 Ford GT Signature Series ($320,000)

Camilo Pardo 2005 Ford GT Signature Series ($320,000)

By Petrolicious Marketplace
March 22, 2017

Photography by Shayan Bokaie

Written by Andrew Golseth

PRICE: $320,000


The iconic Ford GT: A synthesis of ’60s flair, peerless racing pedigree, and modern technology.

Approaching its 100th anniversary of automobile production at the time, Ford wanted to celebrate with a trio of cars bearing names from the family tree—the Mustang, Thunderbird, and GT40. In 2002, the GT40 concept was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show.

Wide, low, and cleverly sculpted, the concept looked strikingly modern while remaining irrefutably reminiscent of the original Le Mans thoroughbred. The man leading the new GT40 design team at Ford’s “Living Legends” studio was artist Camilo Pardo.

Camilo and his team worked directly with Ford’s Group Vice President of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer, J Mays, as well as racing legend/supercar production entrepreneur Carroll Shelby, ensuring that the production car would be worthy of the nameplate’s preeminent predecessor.


After a few close calls with the corporate veto pen, the concept GT40 finally began production under the simplified “GT” moniker. The production GT (2005-2006) was extensively reworked both structurally and mechanically—yet in aesthetic terms it remained nearly identical to the 2002 GT40 design exercise.

The Ford GT is one of those shapes that looks incredible in almost any color combination, with or without stripes, or even in full Gulf Racing livery. As an incredibly talented artist, it would follow that the man credited with designing the GT would have a go at his own machine.

Camilo Pardo has owned six Ford GT’s, each as special and unique as the next. Dubbed the Signature Series, Camilo has created some incredible one-off custom designs. Mastering bespoke finishes featuring exotic colors and exciting juxtapositions, he simply has a knack for stunning liveries.

The 7th Signature Ford GT is called called Signature 7, wears Camilo’s latest artistic creation via extensive use of custom paint. The finish features a wide, center stripe that runs from the bottom of the fascia to the space between the headlights, and then across the ventilated hood. The orange continues at the rear section of the roof, following the upper door lines while expanding to the rear hatch glass, and, finally, over the entire kammback rear end.

The orange is separated from the silver paint with matte black accents, and is complemented by black Ford GT factory-optioned wheels and matching roundels encompassing an orange number “7.” All-black graphics of Old Glory are proudly adhered to the front wings and Camilo secured the signatures of Peter Brock, David Hobbs, Bob Bondurant, and Dan Gurney on the C-pillars.


This custom silver metallic GT was originally Quicksilver when it left the Wixom, Michigan SVT plant in 2005 and is being offered with 15,888 miles on the odometer. It is Camilo Pardo’s seventh and latest custom GT in his Signature Series, called Solar 7.  The car was professionally repainted once prior to Camilo working his artistic magic on its sensational exterior.

Like the Ford GT’s design, Camilo’s custom matte black and orange livery is both modern and classic. The vibrant colors enhance the aggressive body lines while the design of the livery harkens back to racers of yesteryear.

Of course, Camilo didn’t want to upgrade the look without the muscle to back it up, so the 550 horsepower supercharged 5.4-liter modular aluminum V8 received an improved pulley and tune good for 100 extra ponies, with total output now at 650 thundering horsepower.  In addition, it has a GTG vintage performance exhaust system which places higher up between the tail lamps inspired by the Mk2 design.  In fact, Camilo intended for this design cue in the concept version, but was removed for safety concerns.  This exhaust kit also come with a bumper delete which accentuates the character lines of the car – again, a cue Camilo felt best paid homage to the original cars.

The work was done in conjunction with The GT Guys, Rich Brooks and Denis Breitenbach, Ford GT experts who were on the original engineering team behind the car who have been re-engineering parts to be better than production – quite the combo when tied to an the improved aesthetics by the original designer.


Body – According to this vehicle’s CARFAX, it was involved in an accident on 12/22/2014.  The damage was towards the front of the vehicle and has since been fixed.

Paint – The factory Quicksilver paint was resprayed to the custom silver because Camilo and the GTG team wanted a better silver.  The black and orange was evolution from the previous Signature Series car. The front of the car has a few small scratches from regular use.  The black satin paint has a few scratches near the gas tank and windshield wiper.

Trim and Glass – Every piece of glass is original to the car with no cracks or stone chips. All rubber seals and gaskets are in like new condition.

Wheels – The factory-optioned split five-spoke wheels wear a semi-matte black finish to match the body graphics. The lips remain undamaged and very clean.


Steering Wheel – The original three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel is free of any major imperfections or wear marks.

Dashboard & Instrumentation – The pristine dashboard appears as new with equally well-preserved aluminum toggle switchgear and instrument rings. All gauges and accessories function properly.

Seats, Trim, & Carpet – The black leather perforated buckets are in excellent condition with no marks or broken bolsters. The trim and carpeting are similarly flawless.


Engine – The numbers-matching supercharged 5.4-liter modular aluminum V8 has been modified with an upgraded pulley system and tune providing an extra 100 horsepower for a total of 650.

Transmission – Original Ricardo six-speed transaxle is intact.

Handling – The suspension remains unmodified and after 15k miles the car rides as it did when new.


This 2005 Ford GT is largely unmodified with all of its original body panels, lighting, glass, trim, and equipment. Although the powertrain is original it has been modified with a supercharger pulley upgrade and, subsequently, a custom engine tune to properly manage the added power. The car could easily be returned to stock—though as an official Camilo Pardo Signature Series GT that would be counterproductive in terms of the driving experience and the car’s collectability.


2005 – 2005 | Owner 1 | California

2005 – 2014 | Owner 2 | Texas

2014 – present | Camilo Pardo | Florida + Michigan + California


Accompanying the sale is the owner’s manual, window sticker, service records, and custom mechanical upgrade invoices.



Modern Classic – Frankly, it’s one of the best looking cars from the last 20 years and sure to rise in collectability as one of the great supercars of its day.

Special Yet Drivable – Yes, this is a special car. It’s owned and modified by the man who designed it, but despite its collectability it’s also something you can drive guilt-free.  Of the 4,038 Ford GT’s produced, only seven are Signature Series cars that have received Camilo’s touch, making this an exceedingly special version of an already iconic automobile.


If you’d like to learn more about the man credited with designing this machine, watch our Made To Drive series film on Camilo Pardo and this very Ford GT.

PRICE: $320,000



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