Sold: 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I ($195,000)

1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I ($195,000)

By Fantasy Junction
May 20, 2016

Photography by Nima Salimi

Written by Shayan Bokaie


PRICE: $195,000

The Jaguar E-Type really needs no introduction.  If Enzo Ferrari, a highly competitive man to say the least, declared it “the most beautiful car ever made“, that pretty much sets the ceiling in terms of praise.  50+ years later though, the E-Type continues to be celebrated and hold its place in history.

The E-Type was unique in that it simultaneously disrupted automotive performance, price, design AND popular culture.  The shape is appreciated for its balance of feminine and masculine features, which could be why it’s a car that is beloved by both men and women.

Pretty much every celebrity or popular figure owned one (or two).  It was the third automobile shown at MoMA as an art piece.  Even Mad Men worked the E-Type into their story line, all of which supports this was potentially the most iconic car of the ’60s.


This 4.2L Jaguar E-Type was the second development of the Series I cars featuring a fully synchronized gearbox, higher torque, and adjustable, more comfortable seats (although they don’t look as sporty). Famously advertised for being capable of 150MPH, the E-Type makes great use of its 265HP.

This fully restored E-Type was delivered to Mrs. B M Murphy at the Jaguar Works in Coventry. Mrs. Murphy immediately put the Jaguar to good use and toured Europe, with initial services in Cannes and Genoa, before shipping the car to California. 

Mrs. Murphy sounded pretty awesome.


Exterior Highlights

Exterior Blemishes

Interior Highlights

Interior Blemishes

Mechanical Highlights

Mechanical Issues

How does it drive? 

All together, the car is a delight to drive and its restoration quality is clear. Due to the recent restoration, the car feels very fresh, surprisingly modern, and easy to operate.

Engine: The car starts right up and has a functioning choke. Linear power delivery and

Shifting: Gearbox feels brand new, allowing driver to shift effortlessly without having to worry about the shift linkage or synchromesh.

Brakes: The brakes give direct feedback and work very well. 

Handling: Steering and suspension and both very tight and communicative. 


This E-Type is a no expense spared, total restoration. When acquired by it’s present owner, photos show the car in original condition before the restoration. Details below: 

Restoration in 2010



Gearbox and Driveline






The car was originally Pale Primrose on Black, and changed to the current Opalescent Silver Gray on Oxblood Red.

The car comes with the following original items:




We love the Series 1 E-Type and picked this one out of Fantasy Junction’s inventory for a few reasons.

Series I is it: E-Types are all great, but the Series I is considered the most desirable since it avoids much of the emissions equipment that detracted the styling and performance. The 4.2 is also has the fully synchronized gearbox and a torquier engine.  The Series I is the purest of the design iterations, and we think the best looking.

Thorough Restoration: The car has been completely restored as we mentioned earlier which means it’s a turnkey car, and we value that.

Community: The E-Type is also a great classic to get into because they have a very strong and knowledgeable community, from collectors to restorers to historians. Having a knowledge base available for parts and maintenance can be extremely handy.

Mad Men: “At last, something beautiful you can truly own.” – Don Draper 


This car is for sale by Bruce and Spencer Trenery at Fantasy Junction. You can get to know them better here.

PRICE: $195,000


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